68 points, 3 ½ stars

Self Blurb:

Claire and Michael are being controlled, Shane is in locked up, and Eve is sulking while Bishop controls the town and everyone in it. They must take back the town, save Amelie, and take care of Bishop, and the vampire disease, once and for all.


And so we come to the end of the “Bishop is evil” arc, the end of the “vampires are going crazy” arc, and the “you can cut the sexual tension with a knife” arc. You could basically end the series right here and be completely satisfied, though you’d miss the rest of the story.

I thought the plot focusing on how useless, ineffective, and just plain in the way Claire tends to be, along with her making most situations worse, was really quite a nice addition to the story. This part felt way more real than others in the series so far. Claire just keeps bumbling into situations without thinking, messing things up all book, and doesn’t play the “I’m so smart” card much, because she isn’t. She is also left on the sidelines more. No “the kids are going to solve everything for some made up reason” plotline this time around, the vampires are in charge.

I think the ending of all these plot arcs was handled well. None of them really felt cheesy or out of place. They felt natural, like that is what Caine was going for the entire time. The adults in the series are finally making choices with their heads instead of running around like headless chickens, as well. Then, Claire has the audacity to get upset because she can’t help because she is being controlled by the big bad Bishop. Yeah, the adults are finally smart in something.

Caine decided to add a new “character” to the series, Ada, who is half computer/half weird cyber vampire. This is like one of the weirdest things I have come across in any series, ever. She is cruel, she is bizarre, she is cantankerous. She is annoying. She is supposed to run all of Morganville’s functions, but really she is just something the author is using to get around explaining how anything in the series works. “Why? How?” “Because Ada of course!”

Battles are fought, people are reunited, and in the end everything returns to normalcy in Morganville. This book left the main character out of most of the action, letting her whine the entire way through it. This had more plot than the past three books put together, and had a satisfactory ending if you’re looking for an escape from this series.