64 points, 3 ¼ stars

Self Blurb:

As a result of Shane calling his murderous dad in in Glass Houses, Shane is on death row with the vampires, and Claire has to find a way to save him.


This is a more focused book than Glass Houses was. There is one simple goal of the book, to save Shane. Claire no longer has to learn the ins and outs of Morganville. That isn’t to say the story is by any means perfect. The idea of teenagers being the sole group of people capable of what they are doing is laughable and completely unrealistic. The choices they make are completely illogical, and the fact the adults just go along with it is ridiculous.

All of that: the teenage angst, the poor decision making, the lack of authority, all of it, all make this book really hard to get into as a hole, because it is just so completely unbelievable. It is really difficult to read and get into a book where every time anything happens you want to say “that would never, ever happen in any reality that has ever existed.”

All four of the characters, Claire, Shane, Michael, and Eve all make incredibly terrible decisions. This is after the absolutely brilliant /s choices they made in the last book. This book takes up immediately after Glass Houses, and it is like every bad choice they decided to make in that book came to roost in this one, and then they doubled down on bad choices. At least this book introduces Sam, the lonely vampire who is just looking for a friend because he has none.

This is a very quick book, it takes place over the course of less than a handful of days. Yet in those few days, a lot of bad decisions happened, and a lot of “that can’t possibly be real life”. This book isn’t especially good, which is a shame to my memories because I remembered really liking this one. I’m hoping the series does actually get better as it goes on, even if I already know what is happening.

Once again, Cynthia Holloway does a fantastic job of narrating this audiobook. She brings life to the story and is still able to make this story different than the others I have heard her narrate.