58 points, 3 stars

Self Blurb:

Eve is in a play and has a new friend, Claire is jealous, Ada is crazy, and Eve’s new friend has a secret.


This book is so thin on plot, it would disappear in water. So much of the plot is devoted to Claire’s jealousy over Eve’s new friend it is frustrating. Claire is jealous that she isn’t the star of everyone’s life. She pouts all the time. The whole “the vampires could be outed!” plotline would be more fascinating if it was done better, but as it is it feels haphazardly put together in attempt to give this book some plot to tie it all together.

I’m writing this review on a reread, and I actually remembered there being more of Ada than their actually is. The idea of a crazy vampire computer who has complete control over the town (and some living creatures) is incredibly fascinating. Unfortunately, Caine decides that the best outlet for this crazy vampire computer is to be jealous of someone else because she is in love with someone and they’re taking up all his time.

Claire is so annoying. I’ve mentioned the jealousy thing. And, it is so ubiquitous. But, she also gets a really bad sunburn and just whines about it for half the book, as well. Plus, she is way too forgiving. I know that is basically one of only three character traits she has, including genius and retard (and I’m now taking another trait on: insecurity, but it is ridiculous. Someone could kill her and she would be like “That’s okay, I’m fine, everything worked out for the best! As long as Shane is mine.” Sorry Claire, some of that shit is not fine! Amelie actually did nearly kill her, and everything is fine. Sometimes Claire is so dumb, I think she actually wants to die, especially after she willingly gets kidnapped.

If I were to choose, I would say skip this book. You get to miss insecure Claire, depressed Amelie, and Eve’s becoming an entirely different person for the sake of the plot. And, you get get to miss pretty much no plot. It isn’t worth the boredom.