68 points, 3 ½ stars
Warning: Cliffhanger

Self Blurb:

After the abrupt entrance of Bishop, Amelie’s father, to Morganville, Amelie is forced to throw a party to welcome him properly.


God, the story becomes even more unbelievable with every chapter. There is no way in any universe these kids are so utterly incompetent yet are somehow the cause of every solution in this town. This town being a town filled with many multis-hundred years old vampires who presumably have had to problem solve once in their long, long lives. Half of the problems these kids have to solve in these books are problems they, themselves, caused in the first place.

Claire in the first three books was a whiney, know it all kid who had no idea what she was doing. In Feast of Fools, Claire changes into a stressed out know it all who snaps at people to try and fix problems before trying to fix them all by herself without thinking of the outcome and just causes more problems. For a supposed genius, she sure is annoyingly dumb. Shane still, after four books, just rages out at everything, causing more problems that poor Claire has to be the one to fix, because everyone knows Shane isn’t going to. Their relationship is so utterly imbalanced because Shane relies on Claire for everything, and Claire just happens to love him enough to deal with his shit.

A lot of the problems in this book can be solved by communication between the four main characters. Eve and Michael’s relationship is splotchy throughout the book because apparently they never talk with one another and hide things from each other. Claire doesn’t tell anyone in the house anything, even though some of that knowledge probably would have been useful. And, oh my god would someone slap Amelie for being so damn secretive, she nearly got the entire town killed because she plays things so damn close to her chest.

At least Bishop is a proper villain. Terrifying, controlling, has a purpose and a plan. He doesn’t spill his plan out to the main characters just in time for them to fix everything. You want him gone ASAP. And the fact that he is the “good” character, Amelie’s, father makes everything so much more delicious because you always wonder how that happened.

The world building with the vampires is incredibly wonky, as well. One book the magic behaves one way, the next it acts another way, the next it apparently is all thrown out the window and is a free-for-all? I wish there were some consistency with the rules in this series.

From start to finish, Feast of Fools doesn’t have a moments peace, mostly because these damn kids keep making more problems for themselves. It starts up in the middle of the scene Midnight alley left off in, and then ends in the middle of yet another scene in the middle of yet another crisis. If there is nothing else that I would want from this series, it would be for Caine to stop ending books in the middle of scenes! I had to stop reading after book six the first time I read the series because of it, and I only read it again after it had finished entirely.

Audiobook note: Cynthia Holloway once again does an amazing job. If you’re wondering if the audiobook is any good, it is.