56 points, 3 ½ stars
Warning: Cliffhanger

Self Blurb:

Claire Danvers is a 16 year old in college, and she is getting bullied. She moves out of the dorms and into the Glass House with Eve, Michael, and Shane, where Claire finds out that vampires are real and they run Morganville.


It has been about nine years since I read this book for the first time, and I have become a completely different person since that first read. I view this story through the eyes of an adult instead of through the eyes of a teenager. It hasn’t fared the change very well.

This is, at its core, a young adult novel, with all the plot tropes involved. The plot is very basic which involve things these young adults in things they should have no reason being involved in, involved in yet for some bizarre reason are. They repeatedly refuse to listen to reason or logic, making bizarre choices only their young adult minds can comprehend (which at least feels semi-believable). About midway through the book though, there is a shift in plot direction that seems out of the blue, and from experience with the series is basically forgotten about the rest of the series, even though it was a major event for all involved.

As for world-building, the city of Morganville is an interesting place that breaks down when attacked with logic. I love the idea of an entire small town being owned by vampires and everyone there knows, it just has problems (such as why does this small down have a college in it that would be attractive enough for Claire to attend?). The vampires are not built up much at all in this first book, they are very much a mystery still.

This book introduces all the main characters to the series. I really like how Caine is able to blend Claire into the Glass House with no problems, despite all of them having very different, very distinctive personalities. The best part of the book is really how Caine is able to make all of the characters feel different without resulting to extremisms. I also like the depths of the relationships between the characters: the school girl crushes, the big brother, the annoying sister. Unfortunately, the parents are..almost completely unbelievable. This is a young adult novel though, so the parents are basically unnecessary.

I have also listened to the audiobook. While this isn’t the first time I have heard Cynthia Holloway, I was impressed how well she was able to differentiate her voice in this Morganville Vampires novel compared to the series I have heard from her prior to this. Holloway has narrated a great many audiobooks, and as always she does a good job.

Overall, a very typical young adult novel that has room to grow. It is a very character based story, and the characters are better than average.