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To find the ghost of her killer-and rescue her father-Harper Blaine will have to enter into the Grey. And with her growing powers pulling her deeper into that paranormal world, she’s afraid she may not be able to come back out.


The books continue to become more and more well written. This book deals with a lot of unfinished plot lines, so you could not read this book without having read book four otherwise you would not have a clue what the hell is going on. This book started out with a lot of backstory followed with a book full of just climax. That may be a consequence of this feeling more like part 2 to Vanished than its own book. Labyrinth still has a bit of problem with losing me on how events are coming around because they feel buried. I don’t notice them doing something something to get from one thing they are doing to the next. This may be my own problem, but I don’t typically have such a difficult time following events in other series.

Harper always feels so alone in books, but in this book she is surrounded by the friends she has made in previous books. I always like it when the characters the author incorporates into her stories actually appear in those stories. Each character now feels like their own person, now. They respond to situations appropriately and all differently according to their personalities. They aren’t as one-dimensional, but they are getting much better. Harper’s relationship with Quinton is really becoming wholesome and proper. They work well together, they complement each other. It is starting to become hard to imagine one without the other.

The magic system and world building is also becoming fully fleshed out finally. We’re learning more and more how magic works. We’re learning how everything is different from each group and between individuals in each group. It isn’t so one dimensional. While still drawing from mythology, the author also adds a lot of things that don’t really exist in mythology, as well. They only exist in her own world that she has built. It makes it feel like the world is unique from other series.

Overall, the plots are getting better, the characters are getting better, the worldbuilding is getting better. The relationship is becoming extremely wholesome. This book almost felt like a conclusion because it was one long climax to what has essentially been the series to date. I’m looking forward to what Harper will become.

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