62 points, 3 ¼ stars
Warning: mild cliffhanger

Self Blurb:

After the chaos at the end of Feast of Fools where Bishop takes Morganville, Claire and the gang are for some reason tasked with helping restore order, mostly by splitting up and doing little tasks that somehow manage to get them into trouble every step of the way.


Once again, we have another entirely unbelievable story. Everyone on town is relying on a group of kids to solve everything, only this time they don’t have the help of Amelie, the series go to to solve everything. These fools are seriously running all over town, doing random things that basically they have no business doing, and getting into all sorts of random trouble for it. This book easily could have had the middle bits cut out and attached the beginning and end attached to the other books in the series, and nothing of value would have been lost.

I’m really coming to dislike Claire. All she does is whine about not being able to fuck Shane and cause troubles for herself. She is supposed to be this mega genius, and she makes the stupidest decisions, follows through with the stupidest choices, and in general does not bother using her brain once throughout the entire book. Even though Eve, Michael, and Shane are technically adults, they don’t act any older than Claire and make just as many terrible decisions, though Michael tends to be a voice of reason.The best part of this book was seriously the house. The house has picked up a personality of its own, and it is an amazing personality.

Though Bishop doesn’t really appear until the end of the book, he is still a great villain. I really appreciate his creepy and domineering nature with his conviction to be a true villain instead of a wishy washy one that has a change of heart later. That random tornado to throw drama up was ridiculous though. Why in the world was that left in the book?

Once again we end the book on a cliffhanger. At least this one wasn’t in the middle of a scene. It is still a very big event that happens at the end of the book. I’m getting extremely frustrated by the cliffhangers, and it is what led met to stop reading the series until it was finished in the first place.

Lord of Misrule really probably should not have been a full book, but instead should have been split up and tacked on to the two bookending it. Everything that happened in this book was manufactured by the author to have enough content to write a book about, not for any pressing need for those events to happen. And, the characters are getting on my nerves.