66 points, 3 ½ stars
Warning: Cliffhanger

Self Blurb:

Someone is murdering people around Glass House, and Claire has signed her protection over to Amelie and now has to work for her.


Once again, another entirely unbelievable book as to be distracting to the story at large. The fact that the adults, and more importantly the hundreds of years old vampires, are completely incapable of doing anything at all without the help of these children is just so unbelievable. Poor decisions are constantly being made, it felt like every other page had another bad decision.

The plot itself was once again thin. Very thin. There are two plot lines but both are so thin that they were over before they really even started. There was more plot concerning Claire’s wanting to bed Shane than there was about the bad guys at the end of the book! Caine is also getting to the end of the plot lines started in book one, so she has to add more on top of it, and so she does in the last moment with another massive cliffhanger.

The one good thing about this book was the introduction of Myrnin. The annoying self-denial of Shane coupled with the eagerness of Claire in their relationship is incredibly annoying. However, at least we have crazy Myrnin to balance it out. I just think Caine revealed her hand way too fast and strongly when it comes to him. Claire’s being super dooper smart being the only person capable of helping Myrnin out though is so unbelievable since Claire makes so many dumb decisions throughout the series. Also on the annoying list: Shane’s constant lashing out at his friends and Claire. It is so annoying, and I know it isn’t going away any time soon.

Again, Cynthia Holloway does a great job narrating this series. I think the audiobooks will lose something when they switch to Angela Dawe because I really feel like Claire with Holloway.

I can’t believe how different these books are now than when I was a teenager myself. Eight years later, and I’m able to see through these books so much more than I was back then, and what I’m seeing isn’t good. I’m still listening to them because I’m hoping the good books I remember are still good, and I’m wanting to see just how bad it gets.