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Harper Blaine was your average small-time PI until she died-for two minutes. Now she’s a Greywalker-walking the thin line between the living world and the paranormal realm. And she’s discovering that her new abilities are landing her all sorts of “strange” cases.

In the days leading up to Halloween, Harper’s been hired by a university research group that is attempting to create an artificial poltergeist. The head researcher suspects someone is faking the phenomena, but Harper’s investigation reveals something else entirely-they’ve succeeded.

And when one of the group’s members is killed in a brutal and inexplicable fashion, Harper must determine whether the killer is the ghost itself, or someone all too human.


This second book is better than the first in the series. While the plot is just a normal PI story with ghosts, it is better than Greywalker’s, it isn’t as stressful or non-stop. Harper only has one investigation to focus on. It makes the book feel so much more focused. The book is a bit easier to read in general than the first book. The plot relies on coincidence and leaps of logic.

The characters, including Harper, are still very one dimensional, what you see is what you get. Harper is very alone still, her friends are only around when they are needed for the story. The romance is actually rather annoying because you know where it is going to go from here, it is just taking a while to get there. At times the characters feel almost irrational because they’re acting the way the author wants them to act, not necessarily how you would expect them to react given what you know so far.

This book mostly focuses on ghosts, though we see some of the vampire and witch, as well. It is interesting to be able to create a ghost from nothing, though. I think this is the first series I’ve seen that in.

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