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Harper Blaine was your average small-time PI until she died—for two minutes. Now Harper is a Greywalker, treading the thin line between the living world and the paranormal realm. And these abilities are landing her all sorts of “strange” cases….

Turmoil, sickness, and destruction are sweeping through Europe—and its effects are being felt all the way across the world in Seattle. Harper Blaine and her lover, Quinton, suspect that Quinton’s father, James Purlis—and his terrifying Ghost Division—are involved.

Following a dark trail of grotesque crimes and black magic across the Old World, the pair slowly draws closer to their quarry. But finding and dismantling the Ghost Division won’t be enough to stop the horror that Purlis has unwittingly set in motion.

An ancient and forgotten cult has allied with Quinton’s mad father. And their goals are far more nightmarish than Harper and Quinton—or even Purlis—could ever imagine.

The pursuit leads to Portugal, where the desecrated tomb of a sleeping king and a temple built of bones recall Harper’s very first paranormal case and hold clues to the cult’s true intentions. Harper and Quinton will need all the help they can get to avert a necromantic cataclysm that could lay waste to Europe and drag the rest of the world to the brink of war.


This finale changes the entire series by the end. Harper and everyone involved is no longer the same person by the end. I was reluctant to start the book, felt better very shortly in about reading it, and then by the end once again I was left dissatisfied. It was a very firm ending, but I’m just not keen on how it ended. The majority of the book itself was very good, actually. I enjoyed the journey until the ending.

Richardson ended Possession by breaking the group, but within two pages backtracks on that idea. It would not be much of a book without them all together, but it took two pages for that to change. There was no point in it, felt arbitrary. Felt like Richardson wanted to do something but then thought better of it, or wasn’t able to make it work, and had to do something else.

This book dealt a lot with magic, nothing any of them really have much experience with or proficiency in other than Carlos. Which is why Carlos is there at all, I suspect. The entire time they all felt massively unprepared for everything going on, and only learning critical parts of the equation as they were happening or right before they were going to happen. The drama felt artificially inforced that way.

A conclusive finale to the Greywalker series. There is just enough left open that there is a chance she could continue it at a later date, but as of writing this review that seems unlikely. Not the best series finale I have ever read. This series did not quite get up to the highs I had hope when I started the reread to finish the series all the way.

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