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Thanks to his relationship with the ancient Druid Atticus O’Sullivan, Oberon the Irish wolfhound knows trouble when he smells it—and furthermore, he knows he can handle it.

When he discovers that a prizewinning poodle has been abducted in Eugene, Oregon, he learns that it’s part of a rash of hound abductions all over the Pacific Northwest. Since the police aren’t too worried about dogs they assume have run away, Oberon knows it’s up to him to track down those hounds and reunite them with their humans. For justice! And gravy!

Engaging the services of his faithful Druid, Oberon must travel throughout Oregon and Washington to question a man with a huge salami, thwart the plans of diabolical squirrels, and avoid, at all costs, a fight with a great big bear.

But if he’s going to solve the case of the Purloined Poodle, Oberon will have to recruit the help of a Boston terrier named Starbuck, survive the vegetables in a hipster pot pie, and firmly refuse to be distracted by fire hydrants and rabbits hiding in the rose bushes.

At the end of the day, will it be a sad bowl of dry kibble for the world’s finest hound detective, or will everything be coming up sirloins?


“The guy lacks a soul—did you see him? He probably thinks cauliflower is delicious!”


This novella is a fun little side story that takes place during Staked and Scourged of the Iron Druid chronicles. While it adds nothing to the story, it is a fun little interlude that shows what life is like when they aren’t going after gods or vampires.

We see things from Oberon’s perspective in this novella. It was not as annoying as I thought it was going to be. The sausage conversations were to a minimum. Oberon really seemed like he was trying to solve this mystery, not just be the comic relief character. I enjoyed seeing things from his perspective much more than I thought I was going to.

It is a fairly basic mystery with very little real detective-ing needed. Atticus does most of the work, as always, and Oberon mostly just tags along. It was still more fun than I expected going in.

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