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The invitation was signed Jaenelle Angelline, she who had been both Witch and Queen…

Surreal SaDiablo, the former courtesan and assassin, is the first to arrive—only to find herself trapped in a nightmare created by the tangled webs of Black Widow witches. And if she uses Craft to defend herself, she risks being sealed in the house forever.

Now, Jaenelle and her family must rescue Surreal and the others inside without becoming trapped themselves—and uncover the monsters capable of designing such an evil place…


“Lesson one, bitch. Don’t start a pissing contest with someone who has the strength and temper to hurt you.”


You know those episodes in tv series that are completely out of place within the story, but only seem to be there to celebrate some holiday like Halloween or Christmas? Well, imagine if they managed to stretch that episode out the entire season. That would be the equivalent of this book.

I really enjoyed the first quarter of the book. It was really cute. We see everyone during just normal times. Everyone is happy and healthy. However, holy shit that murder spooky house bit went on way, way too long. I really think this book could have been halved and literally nothing of value would have been lost. You just would have cut out the redundancy.

I’m just so disappointed in this book. I’m not certain what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. This is 100% skippable, in my opinion. The cute factor of seeing everyone being happy and together isn’t even there to make it worth the read. I seriously suggest not reading this if you want a book anything like the trilogy.

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