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Daemon is settling into his first year of married life with his Witch Queen Jaenelle. But as the celebration of Winsol draws near, he finds himself pulled in multiple directions playing host to his formidable family.

 When wounded Surreal returns to Ebon Rih, her former lover Falonar ruthlessly challenges the rule of her family, testing Surreal’s resolve not to succumb to the darkness burning inside her.
 When someone lays a vicious trap for Queen Sylvia and her sons, the ruling family of Dhemlan must uncover the identity of a vicious warlord before he returns to finish what he started.
After losing two important people in his life, Daemon has built a wall around his heart. But when he inadvertently forges a new connection, will it be enough to free him from his loveless existence?


Another collection of novellas to end the series with. Some endings may not be what you expect, other will be. It is always hard to say goodbye.

Winsol Gifts

This was a cute little novella that showed the meaning of the Holidays and the meaning of family. It was cute, it was funny, and it is everything you would want out of a slice-of-life novella. There isn’t much to say about this, really. It is mostly about them getting presents, spending time with family, and trying to mitigate the damage of Daemonar.

Shades of Honor

The longest of the bunch at about 40% of the book, this novella takes place between the events of The Shadow Queen and Shalador’s Lady. If you thought part of the story was missing from Shalador’s Lady, you were right, it was all stuffed into this novella.

On the Rainier and Surreal side, there really isn’t much there to talk about. They’re healing in their own ways. Have to be badgered into doing it, but they end up doing it. I was fooled at the beginning of the novella into believing these two would play a much larger part in it than they actually ended up playing.

The real draw is figuring out what happened to Falonar, because it is implied in Shalador’s Lady that he was dead because he got on the wrong side of someone. Once again a story that should have been about side characters ended up being more about the core family than anything. This was mostly a story of why you should not fuck with Lucivar. We see Daemon becoming more of his father’s mirror. We see scary Witch Jaenelle some more.

An interesting story dragged down by the fact there isn’t really much new in it. It was more of the same, with the main characters overpowering the story.


I enjoyed this novella quite a bit. We get to see the transition between alive to demon dead. Previously everyone had been long dead and had figured out their new life by the time they got to the story. This way we get to see the transition. We’ve always been told how hard the transition is, now we get to see for ourselves.

Also that bit at the end about Jaenelle is great.

The High Lord’s Daughter

I’m just.. I can’t stop crying. It hurts so much. Can’t think, can’t breathe. I just want the pain to stop. I knew it had to happen, but why does it have to hurt so damn much?

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