46 points, 2 ½ stars

Self Blurb:

FREEDOM! Claire and the rest of the Glass House residents get to go to Dallas for a weekend! It can’t possibly be that simple, can it? (Spoiler: It can’t.)


I…this book. What the everloving hell was the point? Nothing, nothing was the point. BECAUSE NOTHING HAPPENED. Michael gets word they want him to record an album, they get permission to leave, they go on a road trip where they hit many speed bumps along the way, they fix some feral vampires, and..basically the end. This was an awful book. I am 100% certain you do not have to read this if you want to continue on with the series. At this point I’m not even certain why anyone would want to.

I just.. really disliked this lol. There was nothing good about it, really. None of the characters I like (which is basically only Myrnin at this point). The setting was unfamiliar but wasn’t in any way good. The fact they still get into trouble they shouldn’t be getting into is the same, but so boring. Same shit, different place, different book.

I had previously rated this book five stars on my last readthrough. I have literally no idea what past me was thinking to give this a five star rating. Even in my head I was like “that book really wasn’t all that good” when I read it last. Something changed drastically in the four years since I have read this book to go from a “great book, everyone should read it” to “holy shit, don’t read this it is terrible” and I have no idea what it is.

I understand what Caine was going for. She wanted the characters to get outside of Morganville so they could find that not everything is great outside of Morganville. It just. She goes about it the wrong way. Why would she add feral vampires taking over a town? It makes no sense. Maybe she just figured she couldn’t really have a book without more vampires than just Michael? I have no idea. It just felt wrong.

Overall, don’t read this. Skip it if you must continue with the series. Terrible plot, the characters are just as dumb.