34 points, 1 ¾ stars

Self Blurb:

People are turning up in Morganville with no memory of the last few years, and Claire is the only one that is noticing. It is up to Claire, and her friends who don’t remember her but are on her side anyway, to figure out what is going wrong and fix it.


You’d think “computer that was once using a vampire brain as a processor to run the entire town goes haywire and starts wiping people’s memory” would be a really good story, right?


What went wrong with this book?

It was bad. It wasn’t just bad. It was horrible. There was nothing good about it. This actually took me 3 weeks to listen to, when it was taking me on average 4 days to listen to a book before this because it was so bad and uneventful.

The book starts off with Amelie being horrible to Claire just because she can so Amelie can get her way. Again. Then, because this is Morganville, everything is A-OK after that between them because “oh well, they’re vampires. I have to make allowances for them because they’re broken” or some fucked up shit. Then weird shit is happening, but no one listens to Claire because she is just behind a hysterical girl claiming the sky is falling, right?

Then the climax, where it is exactly the same as every other book in this series, only this time no one knows who Claire is or why they are together or why they are doing anything she tells them to do.

Lump in the drama between Claire and her parents (where her parents are finally taken out of the picture because they just take up precious word counts on nothing but annoying drama that I’m tired of). Add a dash of “I cannot even remember what happened five minutes ago, it was so boring”. This is a recipe for a terrible book.

What the hell was past me thinking, giving this book a five star rating? At this point, I’m still listening to this series just to see how far it can fall. And now, all I have to look forward to next book isextremely pissed off Shane. Again.