Amazon Blurb:

Set in the same magical world as Sally Green’s internationally beloved and acclaimed Half Bad series, this is the journal of Gabriel’s younger sister, Michele, a teen witch living in Florida and grappling with the recent death of her mother, the restrictions placed on her because of her magical gifts, and her love for a boy who can never be hers.


This is a short novella that takes place before the start of the Half Bad trilogy and it is a good introduction to the series. It features Gabriel’s little sister. This is written in diary format so we can see into the thoughts of this young character. Overall, the story told by Michèle about herself isn’t too special. A classic told told for hundreds of years. The interesting part is seeing how the world of witches react to each other, and what cruel little things they can do to each other that just seem so utterly normal to these characters.

The first time I read this, I was heartbroken over the ending, utterly destroyed. This second time it was easier, but I knew what to expect. This is not a kind series to the characters, and this is a very good introduction into the pain that is in store for you in the series

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