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Queen Holly Blue is suspicious when Lord Hairstreak, leader of the Faeries of the Night, offers the Faeries of the Light a peace treaty. But while the Faeries are bickering, the Demons of the Faerie Realm are plotting a takeover. They deviously implant Henry Atherton with a controlling device and force him to kidnap Blue, right under the noses of her brother, Pyrgus, and Lord Hairstreak. Grand adventure ensues as Henry and his friends rush to save the Faerie Realm.

This dynamic new novel lives up to its predecessors in every way, filling each page with a fast-paced story that will thrill fans new and old.


I want to like this series, I just cannot overlook all the things that are terribly done in these books. The entire ending of this book is cut out, somehow. I have no idea how he was able to get away with this. Plus, the fact there is a very questionable plotline that happens in a book for children. I have no idea how this got approved.

I’ve complained about it before, but the narration switches actively hurt this story. It grinds it down into nothing. He focuses on the least interesting parts of the story. A quarter of all the chapters are recaps of what happened off screen because he decided to switch narrators at the wrong moment. In fact, the entire ending of the book is shoved off to the side this way. There is a massive buildup to the ending. All these cool things are happening. And then everything happens offscreen. I have no idea how this book was ever approved for publication this way.

Then there is the fact that Brennan actively had to try his damnedest out of writing a rape scene in a children’s book. He wrote himself into a corner and knew he was never going to go through with it, but he kept everything leading up to this point in anyway. This is not acceptable in a children’s series. I don’t give a shit how much it is never going to happen, this bit should not have been written in.

I was wishing for more attention to the world-building last book, because I thought it was nifty. I no longer wish that, I just want the series to end now. The crap Brennan added in in this book just to add it in – not because it fits, mind, just because he wanted to add it – is unreal. It is ridiculous. It is horrible. It in no way works with the world we have already established, not really. There is no attention to detail. There is no planning. It is a free-for-all. A terribly written free-for-all.

These characters are all still awful characters. The only good one is Mr. Fogarty. Henry’s and Pyrgus’s friendship is held together with spit. When I was younger, I thought the characters in this series had the best relationship ever. However, we are told they have a great relationship, but we never see it. They have spent a total of hours together in like over a year worth of story so far. How Henry and Pyrgus are supposed to have such a great friendship like this is beyond me. The relationship between Henry and Blue is completely infatuation, too. They’ve never spent any real time with each other, except looking at each other.

The plot is confusing for the sake of being confusing, not because it is a well put together. In a well put together story that is still confusing, all the threads come together at the end in such a manner than you’re left in awe at how it fit [see: Brandon Sanderson]. None of the threads in this book come together at all. They’re all independent of each other, doing whatever the hell they damn well please and fuck all the consequences. If you are younger, you may not notice this because you may not have seen something like this before. However, I have seen it executed by masters, and this was a pale attempt at best.

I wanted to like this series. I just can’t. This was so bad, it wasn’t even funny. Sometimes if something is bad I can laugh about it. I just wanted it to end.

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