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For years now, Scarlett Bernard has counted on two things: her ability to nullify magic, and Shadow, the bargest who guards Scarlett with her life. But after a sudden revelation turns Scarlett’s world upside down, she panics and leaves town without warning, leaving Shadow with her partner, Jesse. In the chaos that follows, the bargest is stolen—and Jesse nearly dies from a brutal psychic assault.

It seems that an old enemy has returned for revenge…and the attack on Shadow was only the beginning. As Scarlett races home to find the bargest and rescue her friends, she is dragged deeper into a terrifying legend that has somehow found its way to present-day Los Angeles.

Now she will have to recruit every possible ally for a battle that will test her null ability to the limit. Scarlett has been in over her head before, but now she risks losing everything…and she’s never had more to lose.


This wasn’t as bad as I feared. This was the best book out of all the Scarlett Bernard and Disrupted Magic series to date. Even if I am annoyed at parts to the plot. Overall, I enjoyed reading this one. I didn’t rush for the sake of getting to the end to be done. I enjoyed reading how the events unfolded. This is one of the best from Olson I have read, yet.

The best part of this book is the collaboration between the three species, the vampires, weres, and witches, form with Scarlett. Scarlett, in a rare fit of intellectual genius, Scarlett mostly made respectable, smart choices this book. The biggest of them was filling everyone in along the way instead of going lone wolf (heh).

I’m still in awe of Scarlett’s bad romantic decisions. I fully expect this one to be reversed at a later date, too. Scarlett doesn’t want to be happy. She wants to be, but she just handles everything so poorly she manages to bungle everything and make bad choices. I’m no longer upset at her love life, just bored.

The Luparii plot was great. I really liked the direction this story took. It was a bit of repeating history, but in a good way. Shadow played a bigger part in this book, but it wasn’t annoying this time because it made sense why he played a part. I dislike how everything was wrapped up so easily with the Luparii though. It was just..a gift wrapped ending.

This was a good ending to this trilogy. I’m left satisfied at the end.

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