51 points/100 (2.75 stars/5).

Henry Atherton is a normal boy with a normal life – until one day it all goes spinning out of control. Then he meets Pyrgus Malvae, heir to the Purple throne in the Faerie realm. An heir that needs his help. With dark faeries and demons attacking the throne at all sides, Henry and Pyrgus will get up to a lot of trouble.

This series started off pretty solid, exactly as I remembered from when I was a child reading this series. I knew going into this reread that I couldn’t possibly enjoy reading this series as much as I remembered enjoying it as a kid. And yet I was still completely disappointed in how this series went. What started off as a pretty solid story devolved into utter nonsense.

No, seriously. Nonsense. I have no idea what the heck happened in some parts of this series. It devolves so far, only a child’s mind capable of filling in whatever they need to to make it work is capable of understanding these parts. The first book has a very solid plot. The fourth and fifth books were.. I have no idea. I have honestly know earthly idea what he was going for in Faerie Lord.

The worldbuilding is the same. It starts off pretty normal, pretty sane. There are faeries and there are demons, and there are three realms: earth, faerie and hell. Simple enough, right? By the end there were all these different gods and angels and I don’t even know what. There are weird things that are used just because Brennan had to write himself out of a hole. I just, couldn’t believe what happened over the course of this series.

The characters are pretty cardboard. I don’t feel like any of them are actually people. I still have no idea what age Henry was supposed to be for a large portion of this series. I feel like he was supposed to be mid teens, around 15-16, but he felt 8. It was really weird at parts of this series because the way Henry was written, sort of younger than he should be. I was really thrown off at parts. And that forced relationship between Henry and Pyrgus’ sister, Blue, is ridiculous. Like, I have no idea why this even had to be included. It doesn’t even make sense, except for the fact that Blue is the only female for most of this entire series other than Henry’s sister.

Overall, if you are older than 15, I really don’t recommend this series. If you’re a kid though, you’ll probably have a blast reading this, I sure did.

Check this out if: 

* you’re a kid

* you like faeries

* you want a portal story

Don’t bother if:

* you’re an adult, seriously.

* you need a coherent story

* you hate when series devolve in quality