15 points/100 (1 star/5) [revised from 5].

Shane is angry. Hulk Shane smash. RAWRRAWRRAWR. Growl! “Vampires must die!” Hulk Shane yells. Repeatedly. For 340 pages.

I hated this book. I’m not certain I have said that before. However, it is true. There was no benefit to having read this book. It wasn’t important to the series, it wasn’t good, it actively made me not want to read it. I don’t even know how I finished it except that it took me over a month to listen to 4 hours of audiobook. I had to listen to it in 30 minute increments because anything else was too much and I started hating it again.

There is no plot to this book. None, that is, other than Shane flipping out repeatedly. He yells at Claire, he yells at Michael, he yells at Eve. He yells at himself. He fights absolutely everyone in this book. Nothing is more important than his desire to kill all the vampires. And the ending is shite. Such shite. I’ll say it here, because you probably don’t care because if you’re reading along you know nothing at all can possibly happen to these four idiots: he is forgiven. Every shithead thing he does in this book, he is forgiven for. He treats Claire worse than shit, and he is forgiven. He tries to kill Michael, and he is forgiven. It is disgusting.

This is the first book in the series that does narration changes. Which makes sense because so much of this book focuses on Shane. Claire only doesn’t make sense. However, it feels cobbled together last minute. Shane doesn’t have a proper voice. He seems like he is intruding on the narration. It doesn’t fit together well. It just doesn’t work.

When I was younger, I used to think this relationship was cute. This book actually makes me think this relationship is horrific. It feels almost abusive in this book. If not abusive, than one of the other mentally ill form of relationships. No matter what happens, all is forgiven. No sorrys are needed, no changing of their behaviour. Both Claire and Shane are at fault here.

I’ve said it before in this series, but I have no earthly idea why this book got a five star rating from me before. None. Going into this book, I remembered it being a slow, not so good book. Why the hell it is a five I cannot fathom, even though I only read this book 4 short years ago now. My own memories before reading this book figured this was a 3 star book in the rest of the series. I don’t get past me, how was she so wrong?

The only reason I’m still reading these is because 1) I swear the next book is the book I have been waiting for the whole time I’ve been rereading this series 2) I’m kinda wanting to see just how far these fall.