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Demon young are cruel, especially to little imps like Az. No matter where she hides, even deep in the swamplands, her siblings eventually find her and hurt her, ripping off her scales and slicing her wings. Many demons don’t live to adulthood. Only the strong survive. And the clever.

Survival isn’t looking probable for Az, with eldest brother, Paquit, determined to rip her to shreds at every opportunity. When her other brother, Dar, proposes a trip through the angelic gates into the land of the humans, she jumps at the chance. Finally, a fun adventure safe from Paquit’s cruelty and attacks. Or maybe not.


This is just good, plain fun. I forgot just how much fun Az and the Imp world could be. I enjoyed reading this a lot. It is a prequel to the series, and I have read it before. It isn’t a full story, but it is full enough that it doesn’t feel like a waste of story.

Az is not a good little girl. She is an imp, and she acts like it. But, she isn’t a very good imp, either. She does things she isn’t supposed to. The things she does do, she seems to do wrong, or weird for their ways, or monstrous to their ways. She has fun with the elves, she likes to be alone. Az knows what she likes in life, and isn’t afraid to go searching it out.

This is actually a really good introduction into the series. It takes place quite a long way in time from the main series, I want to say around the 1800s? It isn’t modern day. It is still the same old Az, getting into the same old problems. It introduces the world, too. Actually, it introduces the worldbuilding marvelously for a prequel novella.

This is one of the best novellas I’ve read all year. I really had a lot of fun rereading it.

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