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Sam is banished to Hel, the bond with her angel, Gregory, broken. Six Elven kingdoms are battling for supremacy, and she’s broken and injured in the middle of the most hostile one. Shooting the top off a royal throne, committing fraud in the completion of a contract, and threatening a high lord hasn’t endeared her to the elves, either. If she wants to free the enslaved humans they hold, she’ll need to find a way to help unite their kingdoms.

But elves aren’t the only problem facing Sam. The ancient demon, Ahriman is holding her to the terms and conditions of the breeding contract she signed – and one thousand years under his claw is looking to be the most terrifying thing in all of Hel.


“The universe was truly doomed. The Angel of the Apocalypse, the Angel of Eternity had fallen in love with a devouring spirit. They were all doomed.”


Another great book from Debra Dunbar and Sam. This is another serious book. There is very little fun, unless you count chicken wands as fun. Oh, wait, I do. There is a ton of fun in this book! Great book, though. I love this series because of the fun I have while reading it, but it sure knows how to turn a damn good story when it needs to.

Sam has seriously fucked up in the last few books. She has way over promised on what she could do. She has promised so many people so many things, and she has wiggled out of so many promises, they have seriously caught up with her. Especially now that she is within easy reach on Hel. She has brought most of her problems in this book on herself.

There are other things going on here, too. There is the problem the elves have been cooking up. This was brought up in Devil’s Paw briefly, but I can’t remember how much was covered in that book, now. The elves have been very, very bad boys though. Highly entertaining. Plus, then they go to war. This war actually took up less time than I remembered it taking. It was over really quickly, and I’m actually kind of disappointed that it even had anything resembling an end to it. These are elves, and I’m supposed to believe that they go to war so quickly with such a short battle with that ending?? I think not! I suspect there is more coming.

This book also has something special, too. There is quite a lot in this book from Gabriel’s perspective. I really enjoy it, even if he is incredibly stuck up. So sure he is right and he is the only one that cares. Holy hell, do I hate him as a person. As a character he is great. He adds a lot to this book, especially since Sam can’t be on Earth this book. I hate that it isn’t Gregory, but I understand why it isn’t. It wouldn’t be right for it to be Gregory, especially with what he is going through in this book.

Gabriel has his own story to tell, too. His is more a story where he goes investigating who killed an angel and why. He uncovers way more than he could have ever imagined. Basic detective story, neat ending. I like this story, and I really liked the weaving of these two stories – the detective story plus the nondetective story.

Great book, I love it. I just kinda wish we could get back to silly, random, fun Sam.

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