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Brent fell in love when he and a group of humans were pulled through an interdimensional rift, but he’s the Alpha of the Juneau Pack and she’s a trauma surgeon from Seattle on vacation in Alaska. His responsibilities make relocation impossible, and he can’t imagine she’d want to leave her friends, family, and career to be the Alpha’s mate in a werewolf pack.

Kennedy found there was more to Alaska than beautiful scenery: angels, monsters with laser weaponry, and werewolves. One werewolf in particular has occupied her every thought since they returned home from the other side of an interdimensional rift. But five minutes after their rescue, Brent walked away, leaving her to continue her vacation of hiking and climbing in the Kenai wilderness with a werewolf guide.

But a group of shifter hunters has Kennedy’s guide in their crosshairs—and they don’t care if a human becomes collateral damage. Suddenly love isn’t the only thing on the line as Brent races to find Kennedy and get both her and her guide out of Kenai before the hunters can track them down.


This wasn’t bad, this just wasn’t what I have come to expect from an Imp world story. I’ll be interested to see where the entire series goes, and not just this one novella. I have an idea of where it is heading, which sounds a bit meh, but I’m willing to go with it.

First off, this isn’t the start to the story. The story actually starts inNorthern Lights. This is only the story of Brett chasing after Kennedy in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness when they meet some bad guys trying to kill them. Their story of how they meet is contained in Northern Lights. This is a pretty annoying way to deal with the story, actually. I would have rather this have just been in the Northern Lights story proper. But, then she wouldn’t have a start for her Northern Wolves series, I guess.

None of the character building or anything is really contained in this novella, either. Pretty much everything is left out of this story to make it a really good story. The worldbuilding was light. The only thing I have to say on this front is: werebears?? (I know this was brought up in Northern Lights, I’m saving that discussion for here). Until this point there has been no mention at all of anything other than werewolves. Where in the world did this werebear idea come from.

This wasn’t bad, but there really wasn’t anything special about it. Boy (already met and) likes girl, they get together. Tada.

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