66 points/100 (3.5/5 stars)
Alert: LGBT themes

Lord John works for the Royal army. He also happens to be gay in a time when being gay is a grievous offense. Lord John is in a good position to travel the British empire and investigate weird going ons and interesting events in history. 

This isn’t a badly written series. Gabaldon does her work when it comes to researching. She does it really, really well. I feel like I’m in the time period this is written in. I… just don’t care for it personally. This isn’t my type of story. I don’t really care for historical fiction. I can see it is well written, it just isn’t for me.

This is a spinoff series with a “fan favourite”, Lord John Grey, from Outlander. It takes place pretty much entirely between the events in book three, Voyager, and before the events in book four, Drums of Autumn, which skips about twenty years of time so there is a lot that can be covered.

I read this because I am a completionist. In fact, when I started Outlander, I told myself under no conditions was I going to read Lord John Grey. Yet, the further I got into Outlander, the more the absolutely insane drive to read everything took hold, and here I am, having read Lord John Grey. If you’re like me and only want to read this because of Outlander, these really aren’t bad. They’re just completely unnecessary to read, except for the Scottish Prisoner. Read the Scottish Prisoner.