56 points, 3 stars


Kelly was a vampire in good standing. Then an asshole demon wrecked everything for her. Now she is disgraced and left for dead on the border of an enemy vampire family’s territory – in the middle of werewolf territory. Jaq’s a werewolf with a secret, and she helps Kelly when she finds her left for dead. Now there is a vampire war brewing, and they’re all caught in the middle.


Eh, I just wasn’t feeling this one. It just wasn’t very interesting. While it is tied into the Imp world, it isn’t necessary to read this at all to enjoy Imp at all. This is just a side story with one of the characters from Satan’s Sword. And, the character isn’t even as interesting in this book as she is as a side character, either.

This book returns to the type of urban fantasy story I’m a bit tired of right now. It has a vampire war and court intrigue and just really overdone stuff. It probably would have been more interesting, if a bit more boring, had she stuck to just Kelly overcoming the loss of her vampire family. The way it was handled, even that wasn’t exactly interesting. Kelly isn’t really a self reliant character at all for most of this book, every side character in the book did more for the story (and Kelly) than Kelly herself did, even though she is the main character in this book.

Also, the Kelly of this book, and the Kelly of Satan’s Sword are two different people. In Satan’s Sword, Kelly is strong and assertive and a very capable person. In No Man’s Land, she is absolutely useless. I don’t care how much her position has changed, she is a completely different person. She wallows in the past. She doesn’t do anything to help herself. She lets others rule her life. It is pathetic, and isn’t at all the strong person we met in Satan’s Sword.

This book follows a few other characters over the course of it. For the most part they don’t really add much to the story, except towards the end. The one I do want to single out is Jaq. She isn’t much of a character – more a worldbuilding device. She does a lot to help Kelly, but it does nothing for me in this book. No, what she does is add more to what the magic is like. This is one of the earliest hints of what really is going on with the werewolves. However, it really doesn’t need to be covered now, it just is so might as well give it credit.

Overall, wasn’t impressed with the first of the side novels in this series. It wasn’t really fun, it just was something to read in the series.

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