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Raphael is an Angel of Order. . . sort of. His affinity for chaos makes him the perfect choice to investigate the trespass in Alaska of supernatural creatures not seen in eons. But the locals in Juneau have been keeping a secret for thousands of years –the disgraceful offspring of an angel and a demon. Raphael should execute her on the spot, or at the very least throw her into Hel with the rest of her kind, but Raphael has never been one to follow the rules.

Ahia has lived for thousands of years with the Alaskan natives and werewolves, told that she’s a Nephilim and must stay hidden lest the angels find and kill her. But when interdimensional rifts begin opening up throughout Alaska, swallowing humans and spitting out dangerous monsters, the angels are the only beings who can help.

Of course the angel they send is smoking hot, and demands she assist him in closing the rifts. Far from the stern, enforcer of rules, this angel is fun and flirty, tempting Ahia to drag this project out far longer than she should.

But when one of the rifts takes the local Alpha as well as a group of humans, the situation becomes urgent. Ahia will need to risk everything – her life, her heart, and all she’s believed true to bring them home, because whatever the angels might call her, she won’t abandon those who trust her to keep them safe.


I had fun with this one. I love Rafi, he is the best Angel of Order. Compared to the last few side novels, I was surprised how much story this one actually had, and how much I cared about the story.

This is a standalone novel in the Imp world. It doesn’t really necessarily have to be read to understand the rest of the Imp series, it is just a fun side diversion. While the events of this novel will almost certainly show up in the rest of the series, you won’t really need to read this to understand what is going on there. You should read this to have fun with Raphael, not because you think you’ll miss any story.

The plot of this side novel is surprisingly active, compared to the previous side novels. I really liked it. This book takes place during the events of Kingdom of Lies, when all the rifts were opening up dumping creatures everywhere. I had so much fun with Rafi and Ahia dealing with the creatures that came through the rifts. Dunbar made me care about what these characters were doing, even though it was just a side diversion.

Plus, the characters are good. I really liked Ahia, and I had already liked Raphael before this. These two are absolutely perfect for each other. They complement each other in the best ways. They’re so much fun together. I honestly cannot wait for Ahia’s coming out party. That will be a blast.

There are also two other perspectives in this book, which kind of annoyed me a bit, though I understand why they were added initially. There is the perspective from Ahia’s alpha, and some random woman, when the alpha and the woman, and some other humans get cut off from the rest of them all. I understand the perspective need initially. This romance between them seems so far out of left field in the middle of a crisis. Then, their story isn’t even completed, you have to read Juneau to Kenai to get the rest of the story. Luckily, that novella was included with my copy of Northern Lights.

I enjoyed reading this, mostly because I love Raphael, and I love when he acts like an imp.

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