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Bound by an angel, Sam is the only demon allowed to walk among the humans and live—if she follows the rules. But when Sam’s brother, Dar, finds himself in hot water, following the rules becomes impossible.

Retrieve an artifact from the vampires. Save Dar from centuries of enslavement and torture.

All it takes is for her to perform a simple courier job, but with demons nothing is simple—especially when Sam must comply with the restrictions her angel has placed on her or face a punishment worse than death.


“Angry Birds it is. If I win, you let me leave unharmed, unhurt and guarantee I live out my normal lifespan free from you or any of your kinds’ torment. If you win, you get to do with me whatever you want, including taking my soul. You can also have all of my immediate family.”


Christ, this was so much fun to read, everyone. I’ve been going through a reading slump for a while now, and I’m so glad I’m rereading this series, because it is single-handedly making me excited about reading again. Despite this being the third time I have read this book (and thus wasn’t surprised about anything), I laughed my ass off in certain parts of this book. Dunbar also managed to make me feel guilty and bored and happy and proud and every emotion available along with Sam, which is just really impressive.

I really enjoy reading about Sam. She is the most fun main character I’ve read about in quite awhile now. She knows what she is, she doesn’t want to change, and she enjoys the hell out of it. Sam isn’t quite the same in this book as she was in the last book, too, and holy hell is that character development I smell?! Amazing! The events of A Demon Bound managed to change Sam in unexpected, and undesirable (to Sam) ways. Now she is learning to deal with the changes while still remaining true to herself. But, she is still Sam, and demons will be demons, no matter what!

The plot is so much fun, as well. No end of the world, no murder mystery. Nope, Sam is just retrieving something for Dar. And, it isn’t boring either. The book isn’t meant to be some dire consequences book, it is supposed to be fun – and it is fun. Dunbar also manages to set up the next couple of books with this one, too, as not everything that happens in this book is resolved, or even has anything done with it expect the most minimum of mentioning. This makes the series feel like a series, not just a collection of books.

Typically I dislike when books, people, things are random for the sake of randomness. That personifies Sam, but I don’t hate it. It is really well done. It adds a lot to the story every time Sam does something completely random and unexpected yet completely within her nature to be doing. It always seems to fit, no matter how out of place it ends up being. I don’t know how Dunbar manages to do this, but it really makes the story even more fun that it would be without this aspect to the story.

The aspect to this story I really liked the least was Wyatt. I swear that man just does not fit in Sam’s life at all. He doesn’t really add anything to the story, only detract. His possessiveness and his overprotectiveness aren’t cute. They’re really, really annoying and they make me dislike him. Seriously, Sam can (and has, to this point) survive basically everything that comes at her, why the hell is he constantly so overprotective. And, he never listens to reason about it, either. So frustrating. On the other end, Gregory is just so amazing, and fits with her so well that it makes me lightheaded with joy. Having Gregory around just makes Wyatt seem even worse in comparison.

This book was just as fun as the first, but even better written. I enjoyed the hell out of it.

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