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The Hawaiian Islands in spring should be a romantic paradise, but along with rekindled passion Amber and Irix discover a magical spell gone horribly wrong.

Two sex demons could set Maui aflame with desire, but there’s another creature with a more lethal inferno planned. Defeating it and saving the island will take all of Amber’s new found powers, as well as the help of friends new and old. Especially since there’s more to this enemy than first meets the eye.


“I’d just driven a man to hump his porch support and was digging through his personal belonging as he lay outside sleeping.”


I didn’t hate and want two stop midway through on this one. It was just.. kinda boring. There isn’t much to this book except for how it is changing the world that has already been set up. This book was pretty predictable, overall.

The plot isn’t nearly as bad as it was last time around. There is still the environmental element, but it is weaved in. It isn’t Amber’s raison d’être. More effort is placed in Amber’s sexual interests than the plot. I just don’t understand why Amber has to care so damn much. No, her having been raised by humans doesn’t mean she has to care about everything. I’m tired of that argument. Every other human around doesn’t care about anything in this story, other than as something to stare at.

Also, I must have missed where Amber came to terms with her succubus powers. I did a double take when I read that in the first chapter. Last thing I remembered, she was still having troubles, but was willing to start trying. Now, she is 100% okay with it. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t have taken another “woe is me” book from Amber. She just took a complete 180 when I wasn’t paying attention. Now, in this book, she is also coming to terms with her lesbian side, too. At least she doesn’t hate herself for that, this time around. It is actually kind of sweet how this plays out.

I spent a solid portion of this book trying to figure out where the heck the new worldbuilding fit in. Dunbar, up until this point, included things that fit in with things she had already established. Add in an elemental from another world? I can live with that, because that has already been established prior to this book. However, this goddess thing I just cannot reconcile in my head. There is no place for her. It isn’t explained how she can fit in. It is kind of just ignored by the belief we’ll just accept that this is alright. It isn’t alright! What the heck is this??? I need answers.

I want to like this series, because it is in the same world as Imp, and I love Imp. I just cannot get into this story. There is too little for me to really care about here.

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