Amazon Blurb:

Amber has made a deal with the devil.

To protect her incubus boyfriend, Irix, from the angels, Amber has agreed to journey to Hel and assist the humans there with their failing agricultural program. It’s a project the botany major and half-elf/half-succubus would normally love, but the elves are stickers for genetic purity and consider her an abomination. Once in Hel, Amber must avoid the elves who would kill her, steer clear of demons who would love to add her to their collections, and somehow manage to create a Garden of Eden out of an arid desert. Human lives depend on her skills, and Irix’s continued freedom depends on her honoring her contract with Satan.


This was a lot better read than the rest of the series to date. I enjoyed reading this one.

Amber has come a long way as a person since Demons of Desire. In this book she actually appears competent because she knows the limits of her powers. However, in this, she is also finding herself, as well. Until now she has still been playing with the humans the entire time. This time she is learning about her heritage, her birthplace. Amber has also finally, FINALLY, accepted her succubus side. It instantly makes for a better story.

While technically this is an installment of the Half Breed series, if you only read Half Breed you’d probably be pretty confused why this exists. Then again, I don’t know why you would only be reading Half Breed when there is a superior series by the same author. Either way, this story belongs more in Imp than in Half Breed. All the buildup and the consequences of this story are in the Imp series so far, not the Half Breed series.

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