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Italy is for lovers—unless those lovers are on opposite sides of a 900-year-old family feud.

Mastering the intricacies of winemaking isn’t the only challenge Amber is facing on her and Irix’s trip to Northern Italy. Two prominent families with secrets of their own are on the edge of war, and a young romance might be the spark that ignites their hostilities into flame. Romeo and Juliet ended in tragedy, but Amber and Irix are doing all they can to ensure this young romance has a happily ever after and that these two families come to a peaceful resolution of their ancient grudge.


This is the end to the Half-Breed series? This?? Okay. If you must. I can’t believe Dunbar chose to spend the entire last book in this series on a story not about Amber and Irix. Author’s prerogative though, I guess.

I wasn’t over eager to get into the nitty gritty of winemaking. I guess I’m sort of glad that isn’t what I got. Still not happy though. This book is pretty much 10% Amber and Irix, 10% sex, and 80% watching two teenagers fall in love and fight their families for their love. I just cannot fathom why Dunbar decided to turn to what is the most standard tale of all time. The fact that they’re not human doesn’t make it any better.

The only interesting part of the book was figuring out what the lovebird dumbasses were. It kept me going for a while, at least. Dunbar did do a good job of laying out the mystery, so I won’t spoil it. That is basically the only good part of the book, after all.

Nope, I’m going back to it. Why in the hell is this a Romeo and Juliet story instead of a story about Amber and Irix?! This is the last book of the series! AAAAA

The little air time spent actually on on Amber and Irix was put to good use, though. It builds their relationship better than I would have expected from the way their relationship started. They actively talk about what is in store for them in their future.

Overall, severely disappointed that this is the ending to this series. I just don’t understand.

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