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The archangel Gabriel has a score to settle. Rebellion has destroyed Aaru, and the angel that started it all is still on the loose. Gabriel will go to any lengths to make the rebel pay for his crimes, but, what the he didn’t bank on was being magically deprived of his powers and having to partner with a human and two demons.

Assuming a physical form opens an angel to sensation in all its tempting glory. And in his quest to bring about angelic justice, Gabriel will discover what it really means to sin. 


I..What did I just read? I’m so confused. Nothing in this story fits in with what I already know about the world. None of the characters felt right. There were parts to the story that I could jam into fitting. This would have been such a better book if Dunbar dumped the pretense that they were people we already knew. I would have liked this had it been just a random Angel meets Human story.

The plot is kind of all over the place. It never really clicked into place. There are like two plot threads and they’re sort of connected, but they both kind of forget what they’re doing midway through the book? This book actually felt like it forgot what it was doing in the mad desire to get an Angel and a Human together. I really don’t understand what happened here.

Gabriel really pissed me off this book. Not Gabriel I guess, but the way he was written. I started out loving Imp because Dunbar managed to make the nonhumans actually seem nonhuman. She started to slip up midway through, which I didn’t like but I accepted. Now, this. This is an affront to everything I enjoyed in the beginning. Not only does Gabriel act human, he acts like an annoying human. Gabriel, the most steadfast of the Angels of Order. The only thing angelic about him this book is his damn body. Nothing of the person we were introduced to in the series is in this book. I’m so frustrated right now.

Nyalla… Why the hell did it have to be Nyalla? Is it because Dunbar was at a loss of how to tie off her HEA? I don’t get it. The two don’t fit together at all. I feel for Nyalla, I love her bunches. When she was first introduced into this series, I didn’t think she would take as active a role as she has now. But this just felt wrong. It doesn’t work for me. I just.. I’m upset right now. This doesn’t feel right at all.

As with the rest of the side novels in the Imp World, I really don’t believe this will be at all necessary to the rest of the plot, just a fun side diversion if you want to know the full story. Only this wasn’t nearly as fun as I was expecting it to be. I was expecting to get stick in the mud Gabriel’s comeuppance and HEA. Instead I got this thing which I don’t really feel like it is an actual Imp story…

I’m so utterly disappointed and heartbroken. I had such high hopes for this book.

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