Warning: cliffhanger (😐 I have another damn side novel to get through before I can read the next, why did you do that?!)

Amazon Blurb:

The Ancient demons of Hel have awakened, and one of them is gathering forces for an invasion of Aaru—which is pretty hilarious as far as Sam is concerned. Few know that Aaru is locked down tight after she banished all the angels. Nobody can get in. Nobody. Well, maybe nobody. The one being in Hel that might be able to restore Aaru is the archangels’ prodigal brother. But he’s presumed dead, having not been seen in over two million years.

The remote possibility of an attack on Aaru isn’t Sam’s only problem. Lows are being snatched off the streets of Dis, and hauled away to the home of an Ancient demon never to be seen again—and a few of the missing Lows belong to Sam’s household.

Suddenly Sam finds herself providing sanctuary in her earthly home for all the Lows in Hel. She’ll need to go undercover to discover if there’s anything to be concerned about in this planned Aaru invasion as well as find the Low-snatcher and somehow persuade him at the point of a sword to leave the minor demons alone before her home is overrun with refugees.


Man things are really heating up now! This penultimate book in the Imp series does not pull any punches. I enjoyed myself while reading this book. After what felt like an eternity since I read book 8 and all the mediocre stories in between that one and this, Queen of the Damned is an amazing book.

This book brings up events that happened through Northern Wolves and the end of Half-Breed. However, I really don’t think you have to read those. I really believe it to just be tie in to the rest of the spinoffs. Something to make you want to know what happened. If you don’t wanna read what happened, don’t.

I’ll admit, the plot is a bit all over the place. There are a lot of plot threads that have to be tied up before the end of the series, and Queen of the Damned is setting all that up. The last book was a disaster for everyone, and now they’re just trying to live with the consequences. I’m a little surprised to find Sam in yet another random plot that ends up being tied to the whole, though. I didn’t think much new would get added into this book, though there it is.

I like the way Sam has grown since the start of the series. I miss chaotic, impish Sam. I miss her having the freedom to do what she wants. But, I also like the person she has grown into. I love Gregory, too. So much. He is the perfect angel. I love the way they interact with each other. This book made all my squee engines fire up because of their interactions. I love them. I love the party that Sam threw for Gregory. I love the way Sam protects those she swears to protect. I love them.

I love this book, I’m looking forward to the end of the series with the next book. That cliffhanger though. I still have until tomorrow when I can start the last book. I’m going to die.

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