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Amber’s summer internship is dying on the vine.

Dozens of different diseases and pests have suddenly infected the California winery’s grapes in a biblical-scale blight. The warmonger she thought was a one-night stand has shown up uninvited with an indecent proposal. And now she finds she’ll be working side-by-side with an elf—a horticultural “expert” brought in to heal the plague-ridden vines, who would just as soon kill her as pass her the pruning shears.

The final blow comes when she’s assaulted in the vineyard while trying to heal the infected vines under cover of darkness, and threatened with worse if she continues. Heal the vines and risk her life by angering two plague demons, or turn her back on the winery and the dying plants, and walk away? For a half-elf/half-succubus, there’s only one clear choice.


“I’m normally a one-time only gal as well, except when it comes to a select few.” I took a sip of wine, eyeing him over the glass. “Occasionally something is so tasty that I’ll decide to have a second glass.”


This was a good book, I enjoyed myself while reading it. There are a lot of plot threads that happen in this one, but they don’t compete for time and they don’t really merge together, either. I think this was a pretty well done book. Best of the series so far.

If you haven’t read Cornucopia before this book, I really suggest reading it before this book. While you can muddle through without it, Cornucopia introduces a lot of topics that end up coming up in this book. You’d really get a lot more out of this book if you read it first.

I think what I like best about this book is how it finally has drawn elements from the rest of the world into the book. The last two books were pretty disconnected from the rest of the lot except that it had some characters in common. Now we can clearly see that Half-Breed is connected to the rest of the series. I also really enjoyed the subplot of the elf trying to figure out how to live in this new, human world. I just overall enjoyed the plot of this book.

I still don’t really care for Amber, but she is young. She’ll grow into herself. She’s just..really young and I don’t care for her. I really like Irix but I still don’t know why he is with her. She causes him so much damn trouble. It is frustrating. I don’t understand at all why he is with her. Dunbar never makes it clear. Other than “luuurv”.

Pretty good book in the series, I enjoyed it. It felt like I was reading a novel in the Imp World this time around.

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