Warning: rape and human trafficking

Amazon Blurb:

Uriel has awoken into a nightmare, unable to remember who or what she is. She and eight other women are captives of human traffickers, to be prettied-up and sold to the highest bidder. Besides the guards, there’s a woman, a demon, who is supposed to make each of them gorgeous, and provide a sexually charged atmosphere at the auction.

They’ve got five days to escape. Five days for Uriel to save these women—and five days for her to save the demon she’s beginning to think is just as much of a captive as they are.

Because saving them all is the only way she can atone for…something‑ atone, and win forgiveness for a past she can’t remember.


Well, that was interesting.

While this is part of the Imp World, this can be read completely standalone. It is clear it is in the same world as Imp. There are only two characters in this that are in Imp, the main character who doesn’t remember who she is, and a trapped demon.

This was interesting because of the complete tone shift compared to the rest of the books. The rest of this series is pretty light in tone. Even though there is a lot of shit that happens, it is all painted in a tone of “this is all just fun and games”. Killing, fucking up people’s life, etc? Just Demons having some fun. This is the other side of the coin. This is the human side of the story, even though the cause of all this pain was a human. This is not a light story.

I like Uriel. She has been in so much pain for so long. She is using this as her chance for redemption. She wants to be free of the pain. She has chosen this as her journey. The one thing I do have a problem with is the “relationship” she has with the demon. I just don’t feel like this is the place for that. It feels unnecessary and cheapens the experience. It feels actually wrong. Horrifically wrong.

This was an interesting shift of the story. Still not likely to be necessary to be read for the series in general, a side story. Interesting nonetheless.

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