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Seven Grigori enforcers have been murdered, lured to their death by a demon, and bearing the faint energy signature of a Fallen archangel no one has seen in over two million years. As the Iblis, it’s Sam’s responsibility to find the Ancient responsible and bring him to justice, but how can she manage that when she can’t even keep her adopted infant angel from repeatedly killing his corporeal form?

She’s determined to prove herself worthy of the Iblis title, but when the killer claims to be Samael, and an army of demons along with the most powerful Ancients in Hel flock to his side, what’s an imp to do?

The fate of the human world and the entire angelic host rests in her hands. Can Sam get control of Hel, and more importantly, can she face down the Fallen archangel whose shoes she’s struggling to fill?


A part of me is shocked this is over. I’ve been reading this series for years. I kind of started to believe this never would end, that we’d get spinoffs for years. I love Sam, though. I love this series.

I liked how this ended. I sort of hate that it is over because I want more, but I like how it ended since it had to end. We saw Sam grow up into the demon (angel?) she needed to be. She became the Iblis, and now she is living up to that. She went from a chaotic little imp to the leader of Hel, a loving significant other, and a baby she promised to raise. Not even the threat of war is going to fuck this up for her.

In some ways, I feel this is over too fast. Everything comes to a head and then finishes in a single book, in basically a single week. I just have troubles believing that beings of this age can have everything take place in a week. Hell, the whole series only takes a couple years. Also, it doesn’t really feel like the end. There are so many things left open at the end of this series. “Oh, we’ll figure it out eventually!” Well, thanks for the dumping it on me and running then, I guess, Dunbar.

I know there are going to be more spinoffs and side novels down the road. I just… Frankly, I just don’t find them as good. Sure they may tie up the story eventually. I just don’t really care about them. They’re not as good. They’re not as fun. They take forever to get where they are going and then they end poorly. This was Dunbar’s chance to end everything and start something new. She didn’t take that chance. There are, as of writing this, TWENTY-THREE books in this world, totaling just over 2 million words. That is enough. it needs to be enough. We need to stop dragging out series until there is nothing good left until a dirty, rotting core that we still hold onto going “but look, it’s so good!”.

This was a good book. It was a good ending to the Imp series. I don’t think I’ll read more in this world anytime soon. It needs to be enough.

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