64 points/100 (3.25 stars/5).

Tensions are high in Morganville, and they’re about one major incident away from riots and death. But, before that happens, Vampires are missing, and a new enemy has emerged. An enemy where an allies’ only warning is “Run.” 

Last Breath is so unbelievably better than Bite Club it is hard to believe they’re the same author. I didn’t hate everything about this. I didn’t look for excuses to not listen to this. Caine actually sat down and went “What do I actually want to do instead of just winging it?” and came up with a really good plot!

Every single character in this book is better. They aren’t just caricatures of themselves anymore. They have personality, and while they are still pretty 1-dimensional, they nearly reach multidimensional. They follow their personalities and their paths already set in this series.

And, bonus points, I didn’t want to strangle Shane, either. Their relationship is still a silly teenage romance. However, it is better than it was in Bite Club. It doesn’t cross the line into unhealthy. They’re super devoted to each other, and so when certain parts of this story come up it actually really, really hurts because you know how it is affecting both Shane and Claire.

Those parts of the story that hurt? Yeah, this is a super painful book to read. It is super emotional. I knew what was coming, and I still felt devastated. The events in this book can carry the next few books entirely if done correctly. My biggest problem is that the super emotional problem is solved with basically the wave of a hand. It should have taken more than it did to solve. Yet it all gets solved with no problems at all, even though that is not the sort of problem you can just…solve.

The new series plot is actually really interesting. I enjoy it a lot. It is still a bit shallow, but it is so much better than what we got the last few books that it is indescribable. It is incredibly interesting because it establishes part of the vampire history. Something that, even though Bishop was around, doesn’t actually get discussed really until this point. Now we find out that vampires actually have a dire enemy and they have super powerful powers that rival that of the vampires. Sure, it is a bit of a series rewrite, since it just pops up out of nowhere for the purpose of this book. I’m giving that a pass right now because of how fucking bad the last few books without a direction were.

The worst part of this entire book is the tensions between the vampires and the humans. Actually, that’s not the worst part but it is related. The worst part is how much people are looking towards Michael and Eve’s wedding to flame tensions up. Pretty much every other series I know of uses weddings to dim tensions because “oooh wedding!” and “the alliance will be able to bridge the gap between the worlds” and all that jazz. Not this one, it just uses it to make absolutely everyone pissed off (for no reason, because there is already enough after that goes on to justify an entire book).

I knew this series was going to get better with this book. Okay, I didn’t know, I just really, really hoped. I’m glad I stuck with it.