Warning: Cliffhanger (HOLY SHIT! NO WAY!)

Amazon Blurb:

When you’ve lost everything you love, how do you fight the darkness?

Ava left Istanbul with a new identity, new name, and new magic she could barely control. Laid low by Malachi’s sacrifice, she searches for help from the fabled Irina. But will the secretive women of the Irin race welcome or shun her? Ava’s origins are still a mystery, and her powers are darker than any they’ve encountered before.

The Irin world hangs in the balance. And as the children of angels battle their own demons, ancient rivalries among the Fallen threaten to wreak havoc on earth.

Thousand of miles away, a warrior wakes with no memory of his identity or his people. Stumbling through the twisted schemes of fallen angels, ravenous Grigori, and even his own leaders, he must find a way back to the one thing he remembers. A single voice calls him. Malachi has one mission.

“Come back to me.”


“You will always rebel,” he whispered in her ear. “Against power. Against control. Against the will of others. It is in your very blood, Ava. I may have fallen, but you ripped the threads of heaven itself to get what you wanted.”


I feel so drained after reading this. But, I don’t want to stop. I really can’t stop until this is over. This is one of those series that I will consume in no time and then eagerly look out for the next one.

We knew Malachi was coming back at the end of The Scribe. We didn’t know much else at that point, but I guessed it would take most of the book to reunite Ava with Malachi. I wasn’t prepared for how utterly heartbreaking the separation would be. I knew it would be rough, but nothing could prepare for something so painful. I just couldn’t stop crying, I must have looked like a fool to everyone around me. I didn’t care, let the tears come because it means I’m loving this.

The pain really does consume every aspect of this story. Ava actually can’t do much this book, she is grieving too hard. So much of her is focused on her grief that everyone gives her the space she needs, but it also means she doesn’t actually train as much as she probably should or could. Malachi’s memory loss means that he is so singularly focused on Ava that he doesn’t actually care for himself all too much. Everything can come later, once they’re together again.

On the one hand I love it. I really do. I just kind of wish I had more training. I just kind of wish Malachi got more of his self back that he did. It all comes really late in the book, instead of scattered throughout. So much of the book is devoted on Ava and Malachi, the reasons they’re in the position they’re in is kind of put on the backburner.

I’m really enjoying the mystery. I actually don’t know where it is going from here. I have ideas, but nothing concrete. I’m enjoying the hell of out of figuring out where Ava came from, what her purpose is, what she can do, and why in the world the Fallen Angels are so interested in her. Hunter keeps dropping hints and I’m always all “AAAH JUST TELL ME I NEED TO KNOW” but she doesn’t do that, because she is a good author and I love her work.

I love the Irina, standing up for what they believe in. They can get a bit… oh what am I going for here. Militant. They can get a bit militant about their position. All or nothing. No compromise. They’ll follow the path they want to take, and they won’t take no for an answer. This is the way they have had to learn to be, though. They can’t allow the Irin to dictate to them anymore. I love it, it is just very strong.

I never want it to end, but I know it is going to. I know Ava and Malachi’s story is effectively a trilogy. Yet, I want it to go on forever, just always wanna be with them.

Now leave me alone, I have another book to read.

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