Average rating: 89 points/100 (4.5 stars/5)
Ongoing series with 5 novels and 3 novellas
Genres: urban fantasy, romance, paranormal romance

Ava doesn’t just think she is insane, she knows it. She hears voices in her head coming from people, and they all speak the same language. Then she meets Malachi, and she learns she isn’t crazy, just different. And she can learn to control it. But that isn’t all. Another race, the Grigori, the sons of Fallen Angels. They exist, too, and they want her, but no one knows why. Mostly because no one knows how she came to be, either.

Do you want a good cry? This series is for you!

The first three books are a complete trilogy with a start and end. Everything after that has been a paranormal romance series where Boy and Girl get together. The trilogy is an amazing story that had me wanting to crawl into a ball to read it straight through crying the whole way through. Everything since has built off of what was established there. It still isn’t a perfect world, so there is still some crying in my future.

The world is great. I respected Hunter for sticking to vampires in her Elemental series, and I respect her again for sticking to just the Angel theme in the Irin Chronicles. It allows Hunter to truly build up the mythologies she wants to use. She dedicates the time really fleshing out what she wants to do before it happens, and it is great. There are no great contradictions, there are no great conflicts between ideas. There is just what she has laid out for us, and all the rules are followed!

Another one of the great things about this series, is it doesn’t take place in the United States. Or the United Kingdom. Or Australia. This is like a damn unicorn in urban fantasy. Actually, I can probably think of more unicorns in urban fantasy than series that take place outside of one of the big three!

The history of the world is great and heartbreaking. A race divided in two, with no real hope of reconciliation. Little ability to procreate or love the people you love in the open. Having to sneak around and disappear for years at a time. Having to hide away people to keep them safe, even though you know it isn’t going to really keep them safe. Years and years worth of built up racial pain.

The romance is focused more on what it means to belong to another person. These aren’t simple marriages, but mating bonds. They belong to the other, their souls are entwined in love. Where the one goes, that is home for the other. Things don’t matter, places don’t matter. All that matters is home.

I’m a reader more focused on people than story. I’ll always be more focused on the people than I am on the story. I may love this series for the people, but the story doesn’t hurt at all. I loved the story, I loved their journey, I loved the world.

Check this out if:

you want a heartbreaking story

* you like broken characters who find their home

* you want a break from the kitchen sink

Don’t bother if:

* a change from a dramatic story with one couple to a looser story with multiple couples isn’t for you

* you saw unicorn in my series review and you want a unicorn – there isn’t actually one in this series

* you hate crying