30 points/100 (1.75 stars/5)

Anita, Micah, and Nathaniel go down to Florida for Edward and Donna’s wedding. Micah has been going down there for months to help an incredibly interesting were family figure out their curse so they can cure it.

Despite being 100% unnecessary to the series, this is somehow actually better than Crimson Death.

A lot of things from earlier in the series are in this one, though not all of them have an impact on the plot.

Lots of the relationship drama has been cut out of this book. The first half of Crimson Death is all relationship drama because they took forever to leave. That entire “let us spend 100k words leaving St. Louis” is cut out of this book. There are also minimal amounts of people that have gone with them, so it is a very tight core book.

Still a lot of relationship drama though.

Laurell K. Hamilton still has a set list of phrases she HAS to say in each book, otherwise her desire to push her agendas on everyone isn’t met. (Examples: 1) anita is small so she must not be as powerful as they say 2) anita sleeps with the monsters so she must be compromised 3) anita is sleeping with a lot of people so she must be a slut 4) nathaniel and micah being together is some big thing everyone just has to get over 5) she really, really likes watching her men kiss 6) ted and anita must be fucking because they’re partners 7) every police force where they go have to hate her 8) how every conversation has to somehow lead to someone getting angry at someone else or turn to sex (or both…mostly both)…I could go on but I have never actually created a list of all the things that annoy me yet have to be added into every book).

The “monster” in this book is actually really, really interesting. If Hamilton would have cut out all of the phrases from her fucking crusades against everyone who has wronged her in her life, this would have been rated even higher. If she would have cut out all the rest of the relationship dramas (there were so goddamn many in this book oh my god), it would have been rated even higher. I was actually really interested in this new bit of what the fuck going on. I liked how it tied into characters we haven’t seen in over 20 years.

This actually isn’t even as poorly written. Crimson Death had chapters and chapters of pretty much nothing but conversations. It would get confusing at times who was even speaking. This was much better written and edited.

Honestly and truly, if Hamilton could work through her issues and keep them out of Anita, this could once again become a good series. If she could actually grow this series again, It would become good again. We have stagnated for 10 books now. We have had minor character growths, but it always comes back to the same arguments we have had for a decade now. It is time to grow, already. Not in small increments, but we have to get past this.

We have to end this series.