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The Eater of the World is casting its shadow over the landscapes of Ephemera, tainting people’s souls with doubts and fears. Only Glorianna Belladonna possesses the ability to thwart the Eater—but she is not alone.

In dreams, a call has traveled beyond the Landscapes—“Heart’s hope lies within Belladonna”—and reached Michael, a man with mysterious powers of his own. Together, they may offer Ephemera the very hope it needs.


“Nothing is ever simple around here, is it?”
“Ephemera is as simple as the heart.”


There was something about this book that didn’t resonate with me as much as Sebastian. I found myself bored in spots. Parts of it was liking when they first showed up, I started to get annoyed by the attention they were receiving by the end. I still loved this book, as evidenced by the rating. It just wasn’t Sebastian.

The start is really slow. The Eater of the World is hiding from Glorianna. So, there is a lot of trying to catch up to the Eater, and figuring out what to do when they catch up to it. Instead, there are a lot of what feels like side trips, as the new characters are told what is what, and they try and figure out their place and how they fit in.

A lot of the plot isn’t dedicated to the Eater story. Most of it is spent on the plot about two new characters who live in a section of Ephemera not as affected by the splitting of the world. At first this was really interesting. If only it didn’t explain so much that we hadn’t just had explained to us in Sebastian. If only they didn’t repeat it a few times as it took several explanations for it to stick in these new characters’ minds.

The heart of the book is still great. I love the interplay between the light and the dark. It is a tale told a hundred thousand times before. Yet, somehow, Bishop manages to make this interplay, this balance worth reading again. Part of it is because of the inclusion of the perspective from the Eater of the World. What was included just wasn’t enough for me, because I was greedy. I actually really enjoyed its perspective. The balance and the world of Ephemera also make it incredibly interesting. I’ve read enjoyed this aspect of the story.

I liked the part of the story where Glorianna and Michael dance around being with each other all book less so. It was so sweet at first, so annoying after awhile. It was especially annoying coupled with Michaels neverending insistence that his sister is too young to be on her own and make choices regarding romance at 18. All of these things are repeated a few times.

From what I can tell based on release dates, Ephemera was supposed to be a duology. If that is true, Belladonna serves as a good end to the duology. It wrapped things up well. Perhaps not the way you would want them to end, but it ends well.

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