Warning: Abuse!

Amazon Blurb:

In a small village outside the city of Vision, the people know no sorrow or grief. But this seemingly idyllic community is hiding a terrible secret. As a young child, Nalah did not know why she was told to bring a cake to the mute girl known as the Voice whenever she was upset, only that doing so made her feel better. Now grown, Nalah understands the dark truth, and yearns to escape from the oppressive village that has been her life-long home. But it is only after visiting the city of Vision and discovering the Temple of Sorrow that Nalah understands what she must do to be free…


“So I lived quite happily—and innocently—in the village that supported The Voice until the summer I turned ten years old. That was when I had my first glimpse of the truth.”


Well, that was a truly horrifying tale. It shows the absolute depths humans will go in order to make themselves a tiny bit happy. It may also just show how horrible they become when they have nothing but happiness.

This was truly worth reading. While it is a part of the Ephemera series, you don’t have to have read Ephemera. It is truly standalone. It has minimised the amount of the worldbuilding you have to know to just the basics. Yet, it is still introduced, and this could be read as an introduction to the series.

This is not a happy tale. This is a horrifying tale. And it is a great read.

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