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Wars may end. But vengeance is forever.

Roudette’s story was a simple one. A red cape. A wolf. A hunter. Her mother told her she would be safe, so long as she kept to the path. But sometimes the path leads to dark places. Roudette is the hunter now, an assassin known throughout the world as the Lady of the Red Hood. Her mission will take her to the country of Arathea and an ancient fairy threat. At the heart of the conflict between humans and fairies stands the woman Roudette has been hired to kill, the only human ever to have fought the Lady of the Red Hood and survived-the princess known as Sleeping Beauty.


“Do you know why happily ever after is a lie?” Snow asked. “Because life is change.”


Red Hood’s Revenge was a lot different than the first two books. It didn’t take half the book to start to find where it wanted to go. It found it and went there. It was also a lot better book than the first two, and I enjoyed it. That might be because I really, really love fae, and this was a fae filled book.

This is Talia’s book. It was also about Roudette/Red Riding Hood, but it didn’t spend nearly as much time on her as it did on Talia. She was like a background character, almost. This was almost entirely about Talia, and Danielle was barely in it at all! Talia had her not so happily ever after, and now she has to deal with the consequences. And the pain.

We aren’t close to what we have found to be home. We have to rely on Talia for the narration, because Danielle doesn’t even understand the language. It is interesting to be so far from help, they have to rely on themselves. It also gives Jim C. Hines an excuse to build his middle eastern area for his Sleeping Beauty story. There is a lot of new things that rely on things in reality to show a new part of the world.

The story isn’t really life or death. Well, it is and it isn’t. It isn’t as present as in The Mermaid’s Madness. Yet, they could probably easily die in this book if this was that kind of story. Yet, it was a much more serious story. They didn’t have as much random side fun in this one. Everyone had their serious faces on. It was nice.

This was a fae story. I always like the Wild Hunt, and this was a very solid take on the hunt. It is also a story of how the Fae took over a part of the world, and made the humans answer to them. This is a very interesting fae story that is contained in a fairy tale. I could have really done well with this story on its own, without the characters from this series and more serious. Because, I love fae a lot.

An interesting addition to the series, and now I have an idea of where the last book is going, too. It really was better than the first two.

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