98 points, 5 stars


Atlanta has been quiet, and Kate has been spending all her time worrying over Conlan. Everyone knows that peace can’t last. An ancient enemy of the family has shown up again, and  it will take a group effort to overcome this enemy.


I honestly can’t believe it is over. I’ve been reading Kate Daniels for nearly about 9 years now. It predates everything I’ve ever made for myself to keep track of what I’m reading. It is probably one of the first 10 urban fantasy series I ever read, and helped push my love of the genre up so high. I found it on a website I can’t even find anymore (and I’ve tried). I’ve been comparing every to Kate since I read it (and most don’t even come close).

I know there will be spinoffs, there already are. The end set up a marvelous spinoff idea that I am not giving any information on. It just isn’t the same, you know? In fact, you should probably even read Iron and Magic prior to Magic Triumphs if you haven’t already. It sets up the story here. You won’t be lost, but you’ll feel like you’re missing part of the story. And that is because you are, though you’re as caught up to the story as Kate is. If you want to feel like Kate, go ahead and skip it. If not, read Iron and Magic because you won’t regret it. It was fun.

I love Kate, I’ve always loved Kate. She is rough around the edges, hard, has a hell of a presence about her. Yet she is kind, she can’t stand to see anyone hurting. She is loyal as anything, and would fight to the bitter end for everyone she cares for. And, she cares for all of Atlanta, almost as much as she cares for her family. Kate’s life has changed from that solicary merc drinking alone in her kitchen with a chip on her shoulder. She is surrounded by people she loves, who love her. And she is terrified of anything happening to them.

I just want to thank the authors most sincerely for Conlan. I’ve been so frustrated for years now with the baby ever after trope. I even got depressed prior to Magic Binds coming out, because I just knew I’d get a baby in the epilogue of this series, too. The Kate Daniels series has set up the idea of family since basically book one. It is the idea, the wish, the dream. It is what we have been working on since Kate adopted Julie. It is what we have been hoping for since Curran walked into a meeting angry and hurt that his pack wasn’t accepting Kate. And for once, in so many series, over so many years, I haven’t been left hanging. I wasn’t left to figure out what came next on my own. Thank you. Seriously, thank you.

Conlan is a part of the story. He may only be 13 months old, but he is an old 13 months old. He isn’t always shuffled off to someone for them to take care of him (though, sometimes that does happen). He doesn’t pop in at the beginning and end of the book for us to coo over. He is actively a part of the book, he changes the fundamental plot as we have to adjust to his existence. We see Kate and Curran actively parenting him, we see how he has actually changed the way they live their lives. I’ve been saying for years that the danger doesn’t just end at the end of the series. They’re still going to live their lives the way they lived them during the series (unless the series end doesn’t actually allow for that). It isn’t going to magically get all perfectly safe to have a child after the story is over. Ilona Andrews understands that, and I couldn’t be happier.

Magic Triumphs itself was so much fun to read. The entire way through I kept telling myself “no, it can’t be done so soon, make it keep going”. It feels like just another installment, because of course the characters don’t know their tale is nearly done being told. They don’t know the outcome. I’ve enjoyed my journey to get here, and I enjoyed my journey through this book.

The end… The end is what I have expected. It is is the end. It is also the start of a wonderful idea. It will be fun, even if it is a bit bittersweet.