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Alert: Gushing Incoming

Justin Johnson finds a lost footage of a supposed documentary titled The Fairies of Sadieville that features a young woman turning into a fairy on camera, with a note attached to it saying “This is real.” The Tufa community believes this is a sign that their Queen is willing to forgive them and let them go home to Tir na nOg. 

What a beautiful work of art. This series up until this point has been beautifully written. This was the masterpiece. This is the series ending all other series should aspire to. From now on, I’m going to end up comparing every series ending to the end of Tufa. It was simply magical.

This was a blending of the present, the past, and the really past. In books previously, we’d get a bit of the past, but this was different. There was two entire stories worth of past and really past. It was a story inside a story inside another story. It was a great idea. We essentially zoomed in on the past and pulled back out.

The very past took place millenia ago, back when the Tufa first arrived on Earth. They had nothing, not even their names. They were being led by a person who advocated for complete isolationism, but the Tufa were scared and alone and they wanted more. It is a tale you’ve heard a hundred times before, a tale of love.

The past took place about 100 years ago in a town in Cloud County called Sadieville. It was a mining town, and some hot shot Yankees have come down to make a film. The town was owned by a mining company who don’t give a damn about the workers. The fledgling church controls the police. The land used to belong to a Tufa family, before they made a bad decision to sell. Now, these filmmakers are caught in a millennia old hope. Bledsoe wrote this part so well, it felt like I was there. I felt like I could see the whole picture of it.

The present is about whether the Tufa can go home or not. They have to see, they have to try. Tir na nOg calls to them, and they have been trapped on Earth for what to them feels like forever. The question is, if they can go home, will they? They have family who don’t have enough blood to come, they have friends who can’t. It would mean splitting up. It is the hardest decision the Tufa have had to make since that time millenia ago when someone decided to stand up to a cranky asshole before they even knew their own names.

A lot of The Fairies of Sadieville is seeing old faces again. We see people we know well, and people who have only been brought up once or twice before. There is a lot of talking amongst themselves about this new development. We go from group to group as they talk about whether they would stay or leave. Young and old alike are discussing this. It is heartbreaking hearing everyone’s tale, even if they are all short.

The end. Oh man, the end. From the start, I figured there was only two ways to end this series. Either they would stay on Earth and become part of the human world, or they would be able to go back home. The end is better than I could have hoped.