NEW RECORD! Terrifying.

In August I managed to read 51 novels, 13 novellas and 5 short stories.

16.82% of this month was rereads, centered around mostly one series.

Genre Percentages: 62% urban fantasy, 17% fantasy, 32% science fiction, 11% paranormal romance, and 14% horror. Yes, that adds up to 136%, there was a lot of overlap this month. Well rounded, though!

Sex scenes: 26.5, light month

Series: 8 complete, 7 partial, 5 standalone

Tears cried: immeasurable

I was able to read more than I was able to publish reviews, so some of these reviews haven’t been posted yet. They’re written already and coming.

First up is Newsflesh by Mira Grant, a pseudonym for Seanan McGuire. It is science fiction/horror and it is zombies. Despite my not really liking zombies, I really enjoyed the original trilogy, and the standalone fourth novel wasn’t bad either. Newsflesh was just the first of many series this month to drag me down into the pits of despair. I only read it because it is Seanan McGuire, and I want to read everything she has ever written because she is amazing. Yet, I’m glad I did because I really enjoyed the story. The novellas are all good, too, though one really wrecked me.

Next up was Jessica McClain by Amanda Carlson. This was an urban fantasy series with a really powerful main character and a plot that never stopped to rest. The power levels keep rising, but it doesn’t really matter because Jessica can do all. This was mostly reread, as I had previously read 4 of 6 books in the series. I remember liking it a lot more before than I did this time around, but it was a solid read if this is what you’re looking for.

After that I read Outcast by Keri Arthur. It is a cross between urban fantasy and science fiction set on a post war Earth-like planet that may or may not be Earth. It has vampires and werewolves and witches. The main character is unique in her world, but really lonely. The series is about rescuing young children from people who want to hurt them. I really, really enjoyed this series much more than I expected before starting. It feels like everything else I’ve read by Keri Arthur.

I also read Ephemera by Anne Bishop, part of my quest to read everything she has written. I loved the world, it was so cool. I enjoyed the story, but I liked The Black Jewels a bit more. I loved the characters. I really liked the villain’s point of view in this series. The strongest thing about the series was how the world was structured and how it changed and how it was influenced.

Then there was the Princess series by Jim C. Hines. This was a series based in fairy tales, seeing how their happily ever after was shaping up. Spoiler: not very well. This series got better as it went on, and the last book is definitely the best.

There was also the Jesse Sullivan by Kory M. Shrum. This starts incredibly urban fantasy, but slips into science fiction by the end. This has such a cool idea for a series. Jesse is a zombie who can die for others. The whole series is about a really crazy conspiracy and massive powers and really kind of fun. It starts off strong, I just wish it ended as strong. Nevertheless, I cried my way through the second half of this series. Reviews to come.

I also read Mindspace Investigations by Alex Hughes. At first I thought it was urban fantasy, but by the end I came to the decision that it is science fiction. This series is still ongoing, though I’ve read through what is currently released. I really like the setting, I really like the main character. I love the psychic powers. It does have some issues that I only really noticed once I finished reading it, mostly to do with the love interest. I’m super looking forward to more coming in this series, though. Reviews to come.

Lastly, I read Tufa by Alex Bledsoe. This is now on my list of favourite series. This was an amazing read, even if the books can be considered standalone within the same series. This is fae and magical and musical and perfect. Out of everything I read in August, I recommend this series the most.

In new releases, I read Shadow’s Bane, book four of Dorina Basarab (and reread Fury’s Kiss, book three). I was disappointed in it, but hope the next in the series will be better and will still be reading it. I also reread Crimson Death, book 25, and read Serpentine by Laurell K. Hamilton. Serpentine was much better than Crimson Death, but that isn’t saying much. I think I’m done with this series now. Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews was an amazing end to the Kate Daniels series. Wild Hunger, the first spinoff to the Chicagoland Vampires series by Chloe Neill had a good start, but I’m not looking forward to much from this series. It wasn’t released this month, but I also read Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse and it was amazing.

In standalones, I read Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town by Cory Doctorow, which I found amazing and really, really weird. I read The Ocean at the End of the Lane and didn’t review it, but it was much better than American Gods. I also read The Land of Laughs by Jonathan Carroll, which I didn’t personally care for but had an interesting premise and wasn’t badly done. Lastly, I read Practical Magic and The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman. They’re both standalone, but they’re both tied together. I enjoyed them, but they aren’t my favourites.

In September, I have a lot of small series on the list:
Finishing Codex Alera by Jim Butcher
Vampire Babylon by Chris Marie Green
Hellcat by Sharon Hannaford
Deadtown by Nancy Holzner
Vampire City by J.F. Lewis
Parasitology by Mira Grant
Grigori Legacy by Linda Poitevin
Legacy of Flame and The Thief’s Talisman by Emma L. Adams
The Lost Fleet by Jack Campbell

In new releases I have:
Night and Silence by Seanan McGuire
Vampires Like It Hot by Lynsay Sands
Time’s Convert by Deborah Harkness