Average rating: 93 stars/100 (4.75 stars/5)
Complete trilogy with 3 books.
Genres: urban fantasy, science fiction

Tiger survived the war, the rest didn’t. A hundred years have passed, and the déchet – a bunch of created super soldiers blended with werewolves and vampires – have been all but forgotten. Except by those the déchet had hurt. When a child is outside her base at dusk, with vampires about to come out to feed, Tiger knows she has to save her. One child leads to many, a conspiracy, and danger.

I enjoyed the hell out of myself reading this. This has been on my list of things to read since it first came out in 2016, I just hadn’t had the time to get around to it yet. I’ve previously read and liked Arthur’s Riley Jenson, Guardian, and Dark Angels series, so I figured I’d enjoy this series, too.

The world was interesting. I’ll admit it has 4 since I have touched the Riley and Risa world. Yet, Outcast feels like it could be set in the same world, only a couple hundred, or even thousand, years in the future. What is most different is perhaps the vampires, which are acting more like zombies than vampires, but have hints of being actually thinking creatures, they just weren’t taught the control the Riley vampires have. There are also all manner of shifters, and ghosts. There are new things (to my recollection, at least), such as wraiths and other weird things. There is also rifts which are kind of dimensional portals that eat you and sometimes spit you out again changed, instead of take you places.

The whole shifter and humans versus the vampires, and the shifters versus the déchet dynamic is incredibly interesting. Hell, there were even ghosts vs the world, as well, because the ghost believe people just let them die. I’ve seen these type of biases play out before, yet this was really compelling.

The plot is good. “Save the children, save the world.” Outcast was mostly focused on saving a bunch of children that were taken by a medical research company for dastardly reasons. Stories are always more difficult to bear when children are on the line. It is also hard on Tiger, because the people who want her to help just happen to hate her guts and would willingly kill her if they knew what she was.

Tiger is a fascinating character. As always, I’m a sucker for a bleeding, broken character. And Tiger is bleeding and broken. She has been alone for 100 years, without the comfort of anyone other than her ghosts, which she holds dear because she failed to save them. She has learned to deal with it, but it colours her every move and thought. Tiger is a badass, but she is a loner. I don’t think she could even acclimate to being around real people easily, anymore. Tiger made me emotional, the poor thing.

There is a lot of action, a lot of pain, a lot of fun in Outcast. There is also a lot of sex, because it is a Keri Arthur series. I really enjoyed this series.

Check this series out if:

* you love a main character who has been broken by the world

* you want a post-war world with vampires and werewolves in it

* you want an action packed series

Don’t bother if:

* a main character using sex to gather information turns you off to the story

* using children getting hurt as a plot device leaves you angry