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He only has one shot to make it right.

James T. Brinkley was honorably discharged from the military after a fatal mistake changed his life—and took another.

As an agent, Brinkley has devoted his life to protecting the vulnerable while trying to atone for his own sins. At the center of his quest for redemption lies Jesse Sullivan, a young woman whose past, present, and future depend on the decisions he makes now. One wrong move and he’ll deliver her right into the hands of the sadist killer who hunts her.

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Well then. If you’ve read Dying by the Hour, you know what this is going to be about and how this is going to end. There are no surprises about the end, only the gushy, gooey inner bits.

This is a departure from Jesse’s narration. This can technically be skipped, especially if you want to learn things as Jesse learns them. You can read this any time after book two, really. I’m not certain which I would recommend, really.

This was written so you have the backstory on why some of these things are happening. It tells the full story. It is interesting, though you know there is going to be revelations dropped in this that we’ll find out in the next book, anyway. Overall, I enjoyed the story, though.

There are three main stories: The first is that Brinkley is looking for a girl named Rachel who has disappeared. No one knows where she is, and parts of the case are confusing to Brinkley because he doesn’t know everything about the characters involved yet. The second is that Brinkley is looking for Eric Sullivan, who has been reported by a friend from the camps who hasn’t heard from him since they were supposedly shut down. His boss is riding him pretty hard on this case, and Brinkley just cannot figure out why. Lastly, we’re looking at Brinkley’s past, and his guilt that he killed a kid in the war. It takes a while to find where this last story is going, but it is worth it.

It got a bit confusing at times, though. It was a mix of past and present. We would jump hither and to and sometimes I would forget was happening in the other timeline. The story itself was also a bit confusing because parts don’t seem to fit together. Sullivan is able to transport in and out of the camps, and we’re looking for him now and.. I was just a bit confused. This might be because we’re limited to only Brinkley’s point of view. This was probably on me, though, as I was a bit tired when reading it.

Despite knowing how this book was going to end, I was still tearing up. This series just gets me on an emotional level. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to manage the rest of the series.

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