LGBT themes
Warning: Cliffhanger (Shoulda known it would end there)

Amazon Blurb:

I always knew I was going to die. I just didn’t know it was going to be today.

Maisie Caldwell knows she won’t live to see her seventeenth birthday. Her mother and sister are locked in a war over the world, and Maisie is stuck between them. She must decide if she will join her sister Jesse’s cause and save the world, even if that means betraying her mother.

Jesse needs to find her father’s body and finish him before he can resurrect. If she succeeds she will save millions, if not billions, of lives. But first, Jesse must defeat the woman protecting him. Maisie’s decision will make or break all they’ve worked so hard to protect.


“My father’s dead body slouches between us, oozing blood. It pools on the seat, soaking the side of my jeans. Most of him rests against Mom. I’m going to puke.”


Despite the lower rating, I actually enjoyed reading Dying Breath more than I enjoyed reading Worth Dying For. It just feels like the closer we get to the end of the story, the more things unravel.

The power in this series is rising exponentially. We’ve known that was going to happen since book four, Dying Light. It is kind of fun, kind of dangerous, kind of expected. The stakes are getting higher, too. We’re down to four of twelve.

Maisie is a good character. I love her character arc. I love how she is a scared girl of only 16. She has doubts, she doesn’t think her angel chose right when she chose her. She is scared out of her mind. She just wants to live, and live a normal life. She wants to fall in love, not run around the Arizona desert with her crazy mom who is trying to stitch her father’s head back on so he can revive.

Jesse is just really chasing after Maisie and Georgia most of the book. The book felt a bit like it was extended longer than the story meant to be extend to get a full book out of it, because of this. While reading I didn’t exactly notice it, but looking back not a lot happened.

This family is so completely dysfunctional, they don’t even know what functional means, though. Everyone in this family wants to kill someone else in the family, sometimes multiple someones. They don’t bicker, they just go straight to killing. This family is absolutely crazy. Though, with a head like Caldwell, can you really expect anything different?

This was a fun, action packed book. The power and the stakes are raised, all that is left is the end.

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