LGBT themes

Amazon Blurb:

She was the hero. Now she is the enemy.

Jesse Sullivan has defeated her father and saved the world from his dark machinations. But as the beloved face of The Unified Church, his death has made him a martyr and now his murderer is public enemy number one.

But it isn’t the countless government agencies and freelance assassins who want Jesse’s head that she should fear. It is the powerful entity who’s come to reclaim the world she has stolen from him.

Dying Day is the seventh and final book in the Dying for a Living series. You do not have to read the books in order to enjoy them, but it is highly recommended.


“Can you believe that?!” I scoff, indignant. “He tried to harpoon me. Harpoon me! Never in my life has someone tried to harpoon me! And people try to kill me all the time!”


I feel bruised, emotionally. Part of it is because I read the entire series in three days, part is because of the story. Yet, I still feel like I should have been better prepared for this end. Too bad my emotions don’t listen to my brain.

There wasn’t really any surprises this book. Everyone had a part to play, and they played it. I will say, though, that this did feel artificially extended. I think books six and seven were originally meant to be one book and somewhere along the line they got split up and filled out a bit more.

There is a bit of repetition in this one. The same thing happened in this book a couple of times. The same thing happened in this book that happened in the series before. I feel like the plot went around in circles a bit as it drew out the inevitable pain of the ending a bit longer. Turns out, neither the author nor me wanted this to end. But end it needed to.

I’m surprised at Ally in this book, honestly. How in the world did she not see the backstabbing coming? Each time it happened in this book. I mean, it had only happened times before by the same damn people. Honestly. What in the world.

I dislike the idea of love being everything to a person. It sets a love up for failure when the adrenaline and hormones wear off. Ally is Jesse’s everything. Without her, Jesse doesn’t care about anything. I mean, that has actually been stated a few times by this point, and I figured I would point it out here. Let me repeat that: Jesse literally doesn’t care about anything but Ally. I just cannot endorse this kind of relationship. I have no idea how they’re going to continue now that the series is over like that.

The end was about what I expected it to be. There were all kinds of what ifs leading up to this finale. The what ifs are over. The series is over.

Now it is time to live some happiness.

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