Warning: themes of rape
Warning: Cliffhanger (😭😭😭 Noooooooo. You can’t do that!)

Amazon Blurb:

Armageddon just got personal.

Homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis’s world is falling apart, and the only person who can save it is the man she loves—if she can convince him to give her up.

Seth Benjamin has abdicated his role as Heaven’s son…with cataclysmic results. Now, all of humanity hovers on the brink of destruction unless Seth returns to his place. But with Heaven and Hell on the verge of war, Seth sees no point in relinquishing Alex only to delay the inevitable.

Alex is determined to save the world, but just when it looks like she’s making headway with Seth, an agent of Hell gets involved, her lost soulmate returns, and Seth’s old jealousies return with a vengeance. Now, unless Alex can convince him to stay the path of good, the choice he makes may carry far graver consequences than she ever dreamed of.


Seth had saved her life, had chosen her over himself. She would not—could not—betray his trust. Not for a Heaven that had already betrayed hers.


Holy One alive. I’m torn in two right now. I am hurting in ways I really didn’t want to be hurting. In the introduction, Poitevin says “Sins of the Lost is by far the darkest of the three novels, and if I’ve done my job as well as I hope, the most heart-wrenching.” She did her job, because I’m in pain.

In a continuance of one of the more fucked up plot lines I’ve read, the issue with Lucifer raising a Nephilim army has grown. It isn’t a few hundred this time, though. It is 80,000 babies. 80,000 dead women. There is absolutely no way to keep this contained. This is a turning point, because you know that the world has absolutely changed because of the events of this book. Everyone will end up knowing something, the only question is if it is going to be the correct something. Someone brings up that it might be aliens, for example. Someone need to control the information.

This series just has such a high level of stakes. This isn’t just about a police detective solving a crime and getting wrapped up in mystical things. No, this is the fight between heaven and hell. God, known as The One or One, is planning on doing whatever she can to stop Lucifer. This is a religion changing moment – and the people of Earth don’t even know it. The level this series plays at is much higher than I am used to seeing and I absolutely love it. I actually like Lucifer and the One’s “relationship”. It is unconventional, but it is good. I like how these two play together.

Lucifer doesn’t have it all good, though. Samael, his second in command, is actively trying to devise a plan to subvert Lucifer’s power because Samael believes he knows better. This is also on top of the whole Nephilim thing. We don’t see Lucifer actually leading hell in any meaningful matter. However, we do see a lot of planning going on, to try and win. Also, there is Lucifer trying to influence his son, Seth.

See, Sins of the Lost is all about getting Seth to do what others want. Sins of the Son was about trying to remove him from the game entirely. This wants to use him as their pawn. Everyone needs him to do something to further their plans. Yet, he has taken himself as far out of the game as possible. Only, they need him back in. The only one that seems to care about Seth for Seth, well she has her own problems. And she needs him for her own things too. What a horrible situation for anyone to be in. No wonder Seth has gone crazy – since this is an obsession, a stalking, not a love. This romance is so unhealthy, oh my One.

Yet none of this means that Alex is out of the game. All of this falls on Alex’s shoulders. All their plans seem to hinge on her. Further, after Alex took away Lucifer’s plans for her in Sins of the Lost, once again her family is in danger. Everyone wants Alex to play some part in their games. They want to protect her because they want to use her. They want to hurt her so they can use her. Alex is under an insane amount of stress this book. She is close to the breaking point.

There is so much I cannot touch on. There is so much wrapped up in the spoilers. This book broke my fucking heart and stomped on the pieces. It took out all of my hope and crushed it in its hands. I never expected this out of this series, but holy hell am I glad I started reading it.

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